21 Tips for Better Eye Brows

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It is a fact that when it comes to eyebrows they can either make or break your entire look. This is why it is very essential to give importance to the shape of your eyebrows. Different people have different types of eyebrows.  There can be thick, thin, arched, straight, curved or flat eyebrows.

Irrespective of the natural shape of the brows, you can get the perfect eyebrows by following some simple tips.


Here are the 21 tips for better and well groomed eye brows.

  1. To groom your eyebrows properly, you need to have some essential tools like tweezers, a small eyebrow brush, a pair of small eyebrow grooming scissors and a brow pencil. Without these tools you cannot groom your eyebrows properly and hence you need to buy them. These tools are easily available at the market at reasonable prices.
  2. A great way to groom your eyebrows is by brushing it upwards. This way, your brows will look fuller and the hair will look trimmed and well maintained. You can find special brushes for eyebrows in the market.
  3. Outline your eyebrows properly with a pencil.  Choose the right color of your brow pencil. The color should gel with the natural color of eye lashes. 
  4. To give a more realistic look to your eyebrows, when filling in the brows try to make tiny hair-like marks with your brow pencil.
  5. Always make sure to use a primer on your eyebrows before using a brow pencil to outline it. This way the product will stay on much longer and you do not have to re-apply.
  6. If you want a more defined eyebrow, it is better to use a stencil to help shape them the way you want it to be.
  7. You can also use clear mascara to groom your thick eyebrows and keep them in place. It is recommended to use waterproof mascara.
  8. When plucking eyebrows, be sure to pluck in the direction of the hair. Otherwise, you could end up with an ingrown hair and there can be a chance of infection.
  9. When penciling in your brows, extend the tail end so it is higher or at the same level as where the brow begins. This will help to define your eyes in a better manner.
  10. For a bold look for a night out, use a brow powder to enhance your eyebrows. When using a brow powder, opt for a shade darker than you typically wear.
  11. If the hair on your brows are little, comb them downward after you fill in with pencil. This is a small trick to give a natural finish.
  12. As thin brows can make you look older than your age, don’t be afraid to fake a fuller look with the help of a brow pencil.
  13. Never tweeze your eyebrows when you are bored or angry, or you might end up taking off more than you intended. Be sure to have steady hand while tweezing. If you do not have steady hands, take help from others.
  14. The highest point of the brow should be about two-thirds of the way out, not in the middle of the brow. This is one mistake that you must avoid at any cost.
  15. Use a brow re-growth serum with active ingredients to help sparse eyebrows grow back in. Such products are easily available in the market. To make the right choice you can even take advice from a beauty expert.
  16. Make sure brows start at the bridge of your nose. This small tip helps to give a more defined look.
  17. Those who have a square-shaped face should go for a thick brow. This helps to balance the shape of the face.
  18. Those who have a round face should aim for a more defined brow arch. This will help to make the face appear more oval.
  19. Those who have a long face should go for a straight, flat brow shape.
  20. There is no need to make your eyebrows match your hair color exactly. Sometimes it looks more flattering to go lighter or darker than your natural color.
  21. If your eyebrows are out of control, then brush them upward with clear mascara and then trim them ever so slightly.

A good pair of eyebrows can enhance your look and with these tips nothing can stop you from having beautiful and well shaped eyebrows.

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