8 Tips for Perfect Eye Makeup

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When it comes to makeup, experts recommend giving stress on eye make. This is because eyes are the center of attraction and when your eye makeup is done in a perfect manner, you can look even more attractive and beautiful. However, often people make the mistake of applying wrong eye makeup or doing it in a wrong manner.

Eye makuup

In case you need to opt for perfect eye makeup, there are certain basic rules that you need to follow.

Here are eight basic eyes makeup tips:

Use concealer:

To hide the fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles appearing near your eyes, you must use a proper concealer. With the help of a concealer you can easily cover up fine lines, dark circles and wrinkles. There is no need to use too much concealer. Just a few drops of concealer can do its magic.

Apply eye shadow primer:

Eye shadow primer helps to keep the eye shadow intact for a longer period of time. At the same time the eye shadow will not become smudged even during workouts, rains and during over night journey. So before applying any other eye makeup, use an eye shadow primer. For better result, invest in a good eye shadow primer. It can be expensive but worth investing.

Eye liner:

Next is eyeliner. Depending upon your preference level you can use liquid liners or an eye pencil. Take a good quality eye liner and then use it to line your eyes as close to the upper lashes as possible from the inner corner to the outer corner. Finally do the same on bottom eyes and then smudge it gently with a Q-tip or your finger. This will give your eyes a smudged look.

Apply eye shadow:

Once done with the eye liner, you need to apply eye shadow which can be two toned or three toned. Choose an eye shadow of your preference and gently apply it from lids to brow. Allow the eye shadow to blend properly in order to give your eyes a gorgeous and attractive look.

Highlight your inner eyes:

For perfect eye make you need to highlight the inner part of your eyes. You can do it by putting a bit of light eye shadow along the inner corner of your eyes. This will brighten up your eyes significantly.

Shape your eye brows:

Perfectly shaped eye brows look amazing and attractive. First of all shape your eye brows and then highlight it by using the same light eye shadow. Take the eye shadow and dab it on your brow bone, and then blend it gently with your finger tips.

Curl your eye lashes:

Next with the help of an eyelash curler make your eye lashes look more gorgeous. For added effect, you can heat the curler by keeping it under a blow dryer for a few seconds and then apply it to the eye lashes. This will make your eye lashes look longer and curler.

Apply mascara:

The final step of applying perfect eye makeup is mascara. With the help of the wand of your mascara brush try to coat the bottom of your upper eye lashes by wiggling the wand to and fro. Follow with another few sweeps of the wand. Then apply mascara to bottom lashes as well in the same manner.

By following the above mentioned eye makeup tips you can easily make your eyes appear extra gorgeous. An attractive eye makeup will make you appear more beautiful than before.

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