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When one talks about beauty treatment, manicure definitely tops the list. A manicure treatment involves cleaning, exfoliating, and massaging the hands and fingernails. Manicure treatments are done with special creams, waxes, oils and massage techniques to give healthy and beautiful look to your nails and hands.

Most of us go for a manicure treatment to improve the look and feel of our hands. But before making an appointment with your beauty expert, you need to be aware of the different types of manicure treatments available.

Manicure types

Some popular types of manicure treatments are:

French Manicure:

This is a classic manicure treatment where the fingertips are whitened using white color nail paint. The rest of the nail body will be painted with a clear or ivory color nail paint shade. The nails are given a square, round or oval shape and are generally cut into short to medium length to make them look very elegant and stylish. This type of manicure can be done on natural or artificial nails. This is one kind of manicure treatment which will suit every occasion.

Moon Manicure:

The exact opposite of French manicure is the moon manicure. In this kind of manicure treatment, the tips of the finger nails are painted in a vibrant and bright color, while the area near the cuticle is painted in a nude or white nail paint shade. Many times the cuticle part is left bare to give a stylish look to the finger nails. This type of manicure treatment is not very old but its popularity is quite huge.

Paraffin Wax Manicure:

In this kind of manicure treatment, warm paraffin wax is used. The hands are dipped in warm paraffin wax to moisturize and soften the dry skin of your hands. Later on a stimulating hand massage is done with the help of various oils and creams to give smooth and supple feel to your hands and nails. Hot paraffin wax manicure should be done at specialized spas and nail salons. This manicure will offer good results for those having extremely dry or overworked hands.

Hot Stone Manicure:

Here in this special kind of manicure treatment, hand massage is done using age old hot stone therapy which helps to soothe and relax your hand. Along with the special hot stone therapy, all of the delights of a basic manicure treatment are also done.  The end result is soft and smooth looking hands. This integrated manicure treatment is just perfect to offer comfort to overworked hands.

Luxury Manicure:

This special kind of manicure treatment includes a hand massage, softening paraffin wax and heated mittens which soothes and softens the hands as well as hydrates the fingernails. Paraffin wax and mittens are good for dry hands as both these ingredients have moisturizing and softening properties. Luxury manicure is often regarded as a complete manicure treatment in order to beautify your hands and nails.

American Manicure:

For those who wish to have very natural looking hands and fingernails must opt for American manicure treatment. In this type of manicure treatment no chemical or artificial paints or polish are used. Here the hands and fingernails are soaked in a cleansing solution in order to clean them and finally the finger nails are given different shapes with the help of sharp tools. Extra care should be taken during this manicure treatment and so it is advisable to get it done by some professional.

Along with the above mentioned manicure treatments, there are some more types of manicure also such as Hot oil manicure, spa manicure, Peppermint Sea twist manicure, Brazilian Manicure, European Manicure, Canadian Manicure, Japanese Manicure and so on.

Well, now as you have some idea about different types of manicure treatments, it is time to make an appointment at your favorite beauty salon and go for a specific kind of manicure treatment. Remember that taking proper care of your nails is importnat and with manicure your nails will remain healthy. Now it is time to show off your beautiful hands and nails to others!

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