Easy and Simple Steps For Homemade Facial

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To enjoy smooth and healthy skin, it is essential to go for facial once in a while. But instead of making an appointment at a parlor to pamper your skin, you can try homemade facial that is easier to do than you may think.

For enjoying your own homemade facial you need to follow three basic steps: cleansing, toning and moisturizing. There are additional steps you can add, including steaming, exfoliating and masking.

 Homemade facial

Steaming: For homemade facial, the first step is steaming. This kind of treatment opens the closed pores and prepares the face for cleansing. For steaming, soak a soft towel in a bowl of warm herbal tea, remove the excess moisture and then place the soft towel over your face and relax until it cools.

Cleansing: Then the next step is to cleanse your face with a gentle homemade cleanser. Apply the cleanser and then gently massage the skin in a circular motion with the help of your fingertips. This will stimulate your skin and help remove the excess oil accumulated on the skin surface. To make s great cleanser home make a mixture of 1 -2 tbsp whole milk and several drops of olive oil. Before using this cleanser gently warm the mixture. This mixture is great for cleaning and soothing dry skin.

Toning: Toning the skin is highly essential as it helps to balance the pH of the skin, removes cleanser residue and refreshes the skin. To make an excellent toner at home, mix one part witch hazel with two parts rose water. Witch hazel is an antiseptic with properties that banish blemishes without making the skin dry, while rose water stimulates circulation. Apply this homemade toned with a soft cotton pad, and allow it to sit for few minutes.

Moisturizing: Now you need to seal in the moisture by applying the moisturizer while the skin is still damp from the toner. You can make a moisturizer at home at mixing three tablespoon of jojoba oil and rose hips seed oil with three drops each of rose essential oil, lavender essential oil, geranium essential oil and two drops of palmarosa essential oil. Work the oil by rubbing your hands together to warm it up, and then apply it in the skin using patting motions.

Exfoliation: Once or twice a month, add a gentle exfoliation and mask to your regular skin care routine to remove dead skin cells, which clog pores and make the skin look dull and patchy. To make a scrub at home, mix half cup dry oatmeal, three tablespoon almond oil, one tablespoon finely ground sea salt and one forth cup of fresh mint with enough warm water to form a paste. Dampen skin, then use circular movements to apply it and rinse off with warm water.

Facial Mask: Now it is time to create homemade facial masks. Masks have many purposes and can be used to stimulate circulation, remove dead skin and hydrate the face. You can make facial masks with natural ingredients that will condition, clean and treat the skin. You need to use a facial mask depending on your skin type.

For instance you can use yogurt mask that can be used for all skin types. To make this facial mask you will need one tablespoon natural yogurt and one teaspoon honey. Combine the ingredients and then apply it to face. Let sit for ten minutes and then wash it off with a steaming washcloth. For dry skin, use an extra teaspoon of honey.

If you have oily skin, add a few drops of fresh lime juice. Well with the above mentioned steps you can enjoy facial at home and can save a lot of money.

At the same time it is important to take care of your skin as well as take time out to relax and be pampered once in a while to get your skin glowing.

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