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No matter what eye shape you have, it is definitely the ‘windows to your soul’. One can know a lot about the personality and emotions of a person by looking at his or her eyes. This is why when it comes to beauty and make-up, extra importance is given to the eyes.

Defined eyes

To define the shape of eyes, women use a number of products such as eye brow pencil, eye liner, eye pencil, kohl, mascara, eye shadow and pressed powder or a light foundation to hide the dark circles under the eyes. Even though it looks very simple, applying eye makeup in a perfect way is not always easy. But when you get to learn the art of applying eye makeup perfectly, it will surely make you look more attractive and beautiful.

Some easy tips to define your eyes:

Brow Pencil:

Start your eye makeup by defining your eye brows. Always keep your eyebrows in a good shape. Those having light eyebrows must use a brow pencil to give a beautiful shape to the eyebrows. With the help of a toothbrush, comb out the brows to give it a neat and clean look. Fuller and defined eye brows help in giving a bold look to your eyes.


To define your eyes, you can use different colors of eye liner such as black, brown or navy blue. You can use either a liquid or pencil eyeliner depending upon your comfort level. Apply a thin line of eyeliner properly. The corner of your eye should be highlighted properly. When it comes to eyeliner there is no need to apply much as a little can do the real magic. For those who are looking for a dramatic look can go for thicker and darker eyeliner. For daily use, a thin linear is just perfect.

Eye Shadow:

Depending upon the occasion and the look you want, you can really do a lot with the different shades of eye shadow colors. Eye shadows are available in powder, cream and glittery format. For day to day use and classic look, use the powdered eye shadows that can be easily applied with the help of small brushes or foam pads. For a dimensional look, use two different shades of eye shadow. When it comes to cream-based eye shadows, it can beautifully enhance the shape of your eyes and give you a smoky look. Before applying eye shadow you must always apply some foundation to avoid the formation of creases over your eye lids.


You can use mascara to make your eyelashes thick, long or curly. Depending upon what type of look you want, choose mascara in black, brown or any other shade. While buying a mascara keep in mind your skin tone and occasion. With two coats of mascara you can beautifully define your eye lashes. Always allow the first coat to dry properly before applying the second coat. This way you will never face the problem of clumping.

Lastly, always do experiment with different products, colors and shades until you are satisfied with your look. Also when it comes to eye makeup products always invest in quality brands. Low cost or low quality products can cause damage to your eyes.

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