Effective Tips to Heal Cracked Heels

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Having dry, cracked heels also known as foot fissures means there are flaky patches on the heels along with cracked skin. With cracked heels you cannot show off your legs in a beautiful pair of shoes as it can be very embarrassing if someone notices it. We often look for smart ways to hide our cracked heels. Well, having cracked heels is not something that cannot be taken care of.

Cracked heels

With just some extra care and precautions you can say goodbye to your cracked heels. But before knowing the special tips you need to be aware of the main reasons behind cracked heels.

Some of the reasons are:

  • Cold winter days
  • Dirt and dust on exposed feet
  • Heat that comes from indoor heating systems
  • Wearing too tight fitted shoes
  • No proper care of the feet
  • Standing on your feet all day
  • Extremely dry skin around the feet
  • Lack of moisturizer on the feet
  • Habit of taking hot baths or showers
  • Feet soaked in hot water for longer time
  • Use of harsh soaps having too many chemical
  • Too much scrubbing of feet
  • Health issues like diabetes
  • Omega 3 and zinc deficiencies

Once you know the exact reason behind your unattractive cracked heels, you can easily take care of them. With proper care you can show off your beautiful legs again and also take out your favorite shoes to wear them at office, party or anywhere else.

Some simple tips that can heal the cracked heels are as follows.

Wear well fitted shoes:

It is very important to buy shoes according to the size of your feet. Wearing small sized shoes can be very painful. Also do not make the mistake of wearing shoes and boots that are too big as there will be more space for the heels to move around which will cause friction. Too much friction will form dry calluses around your heels which will cause cracks on the heels.  So, always try to wear well fitted shoes and boots.

Exfoliate your feet:

There will be plenty of dead skin cells around your cracked heels that you need to take care of. By exfoliating your feet you can easily get rid of these dead skins. Try exfoliating your feet twice or thrice a week depending upon how badly the cracks are on your heels. You can exfoliate your feet by soaking it in lukewarm water for a few minutes. This ways the skin on the heels will become soft. Then with the help of a wash cloth or pumice stone gently rub your heels in circular motions to allow the dead skin to come out easily. Once done wash your feet properly and pat dry it and finally apply some cream on it.

Keep your feet moisturized:

An effective way to keep your heels soft is by keeping them well moisturized. Your regular moisturizing location, some foot cream, olive oil and even some petroleum jelly like Vaseline can be used to keep the feet moisturized. Using a lotion having urea will increase the ability of your skin to hold in moisture. Always use a rich moisturizing cream in case you have dry skin. Avoid moisturizer between the toes. After applying the moisturizer put on your socks. Make it a routine to apply some moisturizer on your feet so that when you wake up next morning you can notice soft, healthy and hydrated heels.


It is important to keep the hydration level of your feet well maintained to prevent them from cracking. This can be done by not taking hot water showers or baths as it can cause dryness. Hot water is also harmful to people suffering from diabetics and anyone else with impaired blood circulation to the feet. Lukewarm water is a better option for your feet. In case you need to use hot water always put your feet in cold water for a few minutes. Also it is essential to drinking about eight glasses of water along with some other fluids in a day to keep your skin well hydrated from inside.


Some simple tips to avoid cracked heels:

  • Keep in mind not to expose your feet to extreme climatic conditions such as extreme cold or extreme heat.
  • Before going to bed, daily wash your feet properly in lukewarm water and then blot dry the feet and finally apply some foot cream. In fact, you must wash your feet every time you come from outside.
  • In case of very dry heels, use a pumice stone to remove the dry skin and then apply some petroleum jelly to it. Next wear your socks to keep your feet warm before going to bed.
  • In the morning walk barefooted on green grass and you must not walk barefooted on beaches or sandy places.
  • Keep your feet clean by scrubbing and exfoliating them regularly. You must also pedicure your feet once in a while.
  • Buy your shoes carefully and pick only the best quality and the exact size.
  • Try to wear cotton socks only and do not wear dirty socks as it can cause some kind of infection.
  • To prevent cracked heels, wear shoes that cover your feet to help keep the skin moist.
  • Do hot-cold water techniques where you need tip your feet in hot water and then after five minutes dip it in cold water. Repeat the process for half an hour to improve the blood circulation.

Final Words:

The above mentioned tips will give you excellent results and you will never suffer from the problem of cracked heels. You will enjoy having soft, smooth and shiny feet and you can wear your dream shoes without any tension. However, in case of no noticeable improvement within a couple of weeks, consult a doctor.

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