Five Common Beauty Mistakes Older Women Make

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Makeup is one thing that attracts all females irrespective of age. But it is essential to understand one needs to do makeup depending upon her age group, complexion and skin type. All these factors will help in choosing and applying the right makeup.

Also it is important for females to understand that ageing is a natural process and with time skin needs special treatments. It is not necessary that the makeup you used during your early 20’s will still suit you when you are above 40 years old.

It is the desire of each and every female to look beautiful and young always! This is why most of the females make certain make up mistakes that lead to premature skin aging.

Older women applying makeup

Five beauty mistakes that older women must avoid are:

Incorrect use of foundation:

When it comes to foundation, most women either use excessive foundation or use no foundation at all. With age, you must avoid anything in excess and especially when it comes to applying foundation. At the same time with age, skin will start showing signs that you can easily hide with little foundation. Older women should opt for a lightweight, hydrating and non-greasy foundation. This will help in keeping the skin well hydrated and at the same time will hide the imperfections. The end result will be a healthy glow skin which can never disclose your real age.

Not using moisturizers:

With age, skin tends to get drier and this is why you need to keep it well hydrated. First of all try to drink at least ten glasses of water daily. Along with water you can even drink fresh fruits juice, coconut water, lime soda and so on. This will help in keeping your body well hydrated. But this is not enough. You need  to use good quality moisturizing products. Apply moisturizer on your skin daily or else it will start showing your age. A rich night cream is a must for older women to reduce the visibility of fine lines from their face. Also you need to buy make up products having moisturizing properties.

Face powder:

It is true that when it comes to makeup products, face powder is one such thing that you must have. Face powder is used to set the foundation applied on the face which results in a smooth finish. But with age you need to use face powder less or else your face will start looking older. It is advisable not to use face power in areas having fine lines as it will make the skin appear dry and add years to your face. Also you need to buy a face power with hydrating properties and choose one that matches your skin tone and complexion.

Using glittery eye makeup:

If the eye makeup is done in a correct way no one can make the right guess regarding your age. This is why you need to use the right eye makeup products and apply it correctly in regards to your age. Older women must not use shiny, metallic and glittery eye makeup products. Such products will highlight the wrinkles around your eyes and make you look older. It is recommended to use matte color eye shadows for eye makeup.

Using dark lipstick shades:

Lipsticks are used to enhance the shape and look of your lips. As with age, there are lines around your lips, you must pick the right lipstick shades. It is not a good idea to use lipsticks with very dark, metallic or dry formulas as it will make the lines on and around your lips more visible. Always go for a lipstick in fresh, natural shades with moisturizing properties. This will keep your lips hydrated and at the same time will reduce the visibility of lines.

To conclude if you belong to the other side of 40, then avoid making the above mentioned common beauty mistakes. When makeup is done according to the age and in a proper manner, you can look beautiful and young. No one can guess your real age and you can enjoy all the attention.

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