Five Common Beauty Problems and Their Solutions

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We all do our best to maintain our beauty and look attractive. We spend money on products and devote time to make our skin, hair, nails and makeup look flawless. But on and often we face some common beauty problems which need to be solved immediately. Otherwise it will have an impact on your beauty and glamour. No need to panic as there are many simple ways to face the beauty problems.


Here are five common beauty problems faced by many of us:

Problem No.1 –Pimple:

The unsightly and annoying pimples on your face can make anyone sad. Pimples can spoil the whole mood and especially teenagers who are very conscious about their looks. The reason behind a pimple can be many like stress, use of wrong cosmetic products, bacteria, hormones, oily skin type and other factors. It is important not to pick, pop, squeeze and scratch the pimple as it can aggravate the skin leading to infection. Instead you must try to keep the oil away from your face, follow a proper routine to keep your face clean and hydrated and try medicines prescribed by your doctor.

Well, there are certain things that can easily hide your pimple and make your beauty flawless. To reduce swelling and inflammation, wrap an ice cube in a paper towel and use it to apply pressure against the zit for a few minutes. This solution is better when the zit is still under the skin and no puss has been formed. If your pimple has broken the surface of your skin you need to follow the hot washcloth method where soaked washcloth in hot water is applied on the infected surface for half an hour. Later on wash your face and pat dry it and put some antibiotic ointment. Now you can use a concealer or color corrector to cover any remaining redness.

Problem No.2 –Yellow Nail:

When your fingernails and toenails have an icky yellowish tint on the surface it looks ugly. As hands are always on display, the way your fingernails are talks highly about your general health state but also reflect your healthy habits. Even if you have strong healthy nails in good shape, they will look really bad when there is a yellow tint. Nails that are yellow in color can reflect an underlying medical problem, some kind of nail fungus and your habit of excessive smoking. You can cover your nails with a dark color nail polish but this is not a good solution but consistent wearing of nail polish deprive your nails of the oxygen they need to maintain a natural color. This will result in a permanent yellow tinge on your nails.

If the reason behind yellow nails is regular use of nail polish, you must scrub your nails with a mixture of whitening toothpaste and lemon juice. Always use a soft nail brush for scrubbing to get rid of the yellow color. Another solution is to bleach your nails in a solution of one tablespoon hydrogen peroxide mixed with two and a half tablespoons of baking soda in a small plastic bowl. With the help of cotton swab apply this mixture over the top of your nails and after three minutes rinse with warm water. Soon the yellow color on your finger nails and toenails will fade away. Always take good care of your nails

Problem No.3 – Puffy eyes:

When you wake up in the morning and notice swollen, puffy eyes, the first question that strikes the mind is ‘what to do with puffy eyes’. Puffy eyes can be due to a number of reasons such as not getting enough sleep, high intake of salt, emotional stress, feeling tired, too much crying, build-up of toxins in the body, allergic reaction, excessive consumption of alcohol, trouble with contact lenses, hormonal changes in the body, having sinus problems and so on. It is not that easy to apply eye makeup on puffy eyes and with that puffiness you simply cannot go out. Also this common problem is not something that will vanish on its own within an hour or two. You can have the problem of puffy eyes all throughout the day.

To solve the problem of swollen, puffy eyes take a cold shower in the morning to open up your eyes. Next you can apply a small plastic bag of ice to your eyes for ten minutes to reduce the swelling on the eyes to some extent. When two tea bags moistened in water and chilled in the refrigerator are placed on the eyelids it brings great relief. You can also use small slice of raw cucumber or potato and out them on your closed eyelids for some time. Lastly, do not forget to drink a lot of water to clear your system. Also put minimum eye makeup for a few days.

Problem No.4 –Dark Circles:

Half of the communications are done with eyes and this is why there are plenty of eye makeup products in the market to make your eyes look beautiful and more attractive. But if you have dark circles under your eyes, then no amount of eye makeup can help you. Dark circles mean you will look tired and pale always as it is clear sign of fatigues and insufficient sleep. Genetics and health factors can also be the reason behind dark circles. Whatever be the reason, there are many ways to solve this problem of dark circles under your eyes before it aggravates.

Firstly, you must massage around the eyes with almond oil to improve blood circulation. With good blood circulation the skin under the eyes will return to its original color. You can also take thin slices of potatoes and cucumber and put them on your eyes for at least half an hour. Also try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by getting at least eight hours of sleep, regular exercise in the morning, maintain a well balanced diet full of green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits, keep your body hydrated by drinking plenty of water, protect your eyes from harsh rays of the sun. With time the dark circles could fade away. As a quick fix, you can use a concealer to hide the dark circle. But remember this is only a temporary solution.

Problem No.5 –Chapped Lips:

There are lipsticks, lip gloss and lip liners to enhance the shape of your lips. When you have the problem of chapped lips, no amount of makeup can hide it. You need to solve the problem from root. Chapped lips means your lips are dry and possibly some cracks have formed. The main reason behind chapped lips is the lack of moisture. As the skin on your lips is much thinner and contains no oil glands, it gets dehydrated faster. Your lips can also become chapped due to dry air, cold weather, or too much sun. Chapped lips can be painful and are sometimes cause redness and swollen lips.

To solve the problem of chapped lips you must remove the dead skin cells from the lips by massaging your lips with a mixture of honey and coffee grounds. Always handle your lips gently and do not put too much force. Also stop licking your cracked lips as it can make it worse. Apply some lip balm regularly on the lips to help them heal. Do not make the mistake of peeling off the skin of chapped and dry lips as it can cause the blood to come out. First apply cream or petroleum jelly to make the skin soft and then with the help of a damp cotton ball remove the dry skin from your lips gently. Alwasy take special care of your lips.

Well, these common beauty problems can arrive unnoticed. No matter how much time and money you spend on grooming yourself, there will be certain beauty problems that you cannot ignore. But always remember that if there is a problem there must be a solution too. So think about your beauty problem calmly and then follow the easy solutions and home remedies to solve them.

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