Five Simple Tips to Maintain Your Make-up Tools

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To apply makeup flawlessly, it is essential to use the right kind of makeup applicators or tools. Makeup tools are an investment and it is very essential to take proper care of them to get the best out of them. If proper care is not taken for makeup tools, it can turn out to be the breeding ground for bacteria and harmful germs. All these germs and bacterial can easily come in contact with your skin when you use the makeup tools.

With regular cleaning of makeup tools you can keep them free from old makeup, dirt and debris, dead skin cells, bacteria, germs and oils. Also there is no need to clean the makeup tools on daily basis. You can do it once in a week to keep them clean and improve the lifespan of the makeup tools.

Makeup tools

Simple ways to maintain your makeup tools:

Wash your makeup brushes

Out of all the makeup tools, makeup brushes are the most important ones. You can clean the brushes with a good quality makeup brush cleaner, which will not only remove the dirt, makeup, and bacteria but will also disinfect and condition the bristles. Else you can also wash all your makeup brushes once in a week with a liquid anti-bacterial soap or a mild shampoo. Fill a small tub with a mixture of shampoo or soap with warm water. Dip in only the bristle part of the brush in this solution and shake it back and forth. Then rinse the brushes with warm water properly. Gently squeeze the bristles to remove excess water and then with the help of a tissue or napkin dry out the bristles.

Finally place them on the edge of a counter for some time so that they become completely dry. A dried brush should be stored in a casing to prevent dust from settling on it. At the same time anti-bacterial wipes (or even baby wipes) are a quick way to keep brushes clean in between washings. Simply rub the brush on the wipe and allow it to dry for a couple of minutes.

Frequently change powder puffs

Powder puffs are usually made of sponge and you simply cannot wash them with water to keep them clean. While applying compact powder on sweaty skin with the help a puff, it can become wet and dirty. So, it is not a good idea to use the same puff for a longer period of time as it can cause skin infection. It is a good idea to buy stock of powder puffs and replace them regularly.

Use disposable eye shadow applicators

Do not use your fingers to apply cream or powder based eye shadow. Always use a clean a brush or spatula and pallet for such makeup products. For better hygiene, you should use disposable sponge eye shadow brushes for applying eye shadow of your choice. This way you do not have to spend time cleaning the darker eye shadow colors that most of us prefer to use. Disposable sponge eye shadow brushes are available in the market at a very affordable rate.

Keep the curlers and tweezers clean

 Most of us use curlers to curl the eye lashes and tweezers to keep the eyebrow in shape.  When using such makeup tools you need to bear in mind that you need to clean them regularly to keep dirt and infection away.  Especially if you are staying in a hot and humid place, you need to take extra care of your lash curlers or else it may become sticky in nature. This in turn will make it difficult to apply mascara in a smooth manner. To clean the lash curler you can use an alcoholic spray and cleanse them with a napkin twice or thrice in a month.

Get a makeup kit

To keep all your makeup products and tools in an organized manner, it is essential to buy a good quality makeup kit. There are different types of makeup kit available in the market. Look for one where you can easily keep the various make up tools in separate compartments. This way your things will be kept in a systematic and organized manner and you do not spend much time searching for the right item. On top of that a makeup kit can be really handy for those who need to travel a lot.

Some more tips:

  • After using an eyeliner pencil, you must wipe it off with a fuzz-free cotton pad dipped in alcohol. Allow the eyeliner pencil to dry properly before storing it. This is the best way to keep your eyeliner pencil stay sterile.
  • When using mascara never shove the brush back and forth in the tube. This way air and bacteria can get inside the tube. It is advisable to spin the brush around in the tube before you pull it out and use it.
  • Take out some of the foundation solution out of the container with a small, clean makeup spatula on to a little plate and then only apply it. This way your foundation will last longer and will not come in contact with harmful bacteria and germs.
  • You must always store makeup applicators properly to avoid exposure to dirt and bacteria.

To conclude, these are some easy and inexpensive ways to make sure your makeup tools and applicators are clean and well protected. By keeping all of your makeup tools clean and sterile, you can keep germs and bacteria at bay. Also it is also very essential not to share your makeup tools and cosmetic products with any other person.

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