Home Remedies for Cracked Heels

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Cracked heels are like a nightmare of many. No matter how perfectly you have done your makeup or how well dressed you are, cracked heels can spoil your overall look. Improper care of your feet and exposure of feet to dirt and dust as well as cold climate results in cracked heels.

Well, if you have cracked heels now there is no need to hide them by wearing socks and closed shoes all the time. There are many simple ingredients found in your kitchen that can come to your rescue. These home remedies for cracked heels can solve your problem easily and that too without spending a fortune. 

Cracked heels 

Some of the home remedies for cracked heels are:

  • Banana pulp can be used to get rid of cracked heels. Just take some banana pulp and apply it over the cracked heels and leave it for fifteen to twenty minutes. Finally rinse it with water. Alternatively take a ripe banana and mash it properly before adding few drops of glycerin and then apply it over the cracked heels. Follow any of these processes for a week or two and soon your heels will become smooth and toned.
  • The vegetable oil that you use for cooking can also be used in the treatment of cracked heels. First, wash your feet properly and then apply some vegetable oil over the cracked heels before going to sleep. To cover the heels wear a pair of thick socks. In the morning you will notice some improvements. In a few days your cracked heels will be healed properly and you will be amazed to see the excellent results.
  • Take the juice of a lemon and mix it with some water. Now soak your cracked heels in this solution. Depending upon the condition of your cracked heels there may be some pain when the lemon juice gets in contact with the cracks. Keep your cracked heels soaked for at least fifteen minutes. Do this every week to improve the texture of the skin of the heels.
  • Pure, virgin coconut oil is a great product that can heal your cracked heels. Instead of pure coconut oil you can also use coconut oil based skin creams. When you apply coconut oil over your cracked heels before going to sleep it lends a soothing effect on the skin. Your cracked heels will heal faster if you apply coconut oil daily over the cracked heels.
  • Regular use if shea butter can also be of great help in treating cracked heels. Before applying shea butter over the cracked heels, clean the area properly. Shea butter will help in retaining the moisture level of the skin which will gradually help in treating this common beauty problem.
  • Honey is also a useful ingredient that can be used for treating cracked heels. Take honey and apply it properly over the cracked heels. Then put light socks to cover the heels. After few hours the cracks on your feet will become softer and soothing.
  • Regular use of petroleum jelly can also be of great help. Petroleum jelly like Vaseline works as a moisture barrier. But petroleum jelly will not provide relief to those suffering from severe cracked heels.

Always remember that daily cleaning and moisturizing are the secret behind smooth and toned helps. Wash your feet in lukewarm daily and after drying it apply moisturizing cream for better results. Also drink plenty of water throughout the day to help in maintaining the moisture level of your body from inside. Just follow these cracked heels tips and you will never have to face the problem of cracked heels again in your life.

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  1. Xihlamariso says on :

    I always have issues with cracked heels, especially in the summer when i like being in flops. I have always bought expensive creams some of which did not even help me. So, thanks so much for sharing this, I will be starting with banana pulp!

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