How to Know the Skin Type of Your Face

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When you go in the market to buy skin care products, you can find innumerable brands and products meant for different types of skin. Yes, there are different types of skin and each type needs different type of care. It is very important to use skin care products such as moisturizers, cosmetics, and facial cleansers according to your skin type. Wrong products can cause damage to your face. So, first determine your skin type and then proceed to buy skin care products. There are basically five types of skin, namely Normal, Oily, Dry, Combination and Sensitive.

Skin type

Each skin type has its own characteristics.

Normal Skin:

Your skin is normal when it is does not shows oily or faking skin. There is vibrancy and elasticity on the skin that helps in hiding your actual age. Normal skin mostly looks clean and smooth with a healthy complexion due to good blood circulation. This type of skin is regarded as the best one as it does not need extensive care to make it look beautiful. A simple skin care routine is enough for normal skin.

Oily Skin:

You have oily face, when there are traces of oil on your cheeks, nose, and forehead when you wake up in the morning. Due to excess oil on the face, it often looks greasy, shiny, thick and coarse. Also oil results in large visible pores and the problem of acne. However the good part about oily skin is that it will never have wrinkles and there will be no sign of ageing. For taking care of oily skin, one need to always keep the face clean, avoid applying facial creams and moisturizers having oily ingredients and avoid taking carbohydrate and oily foods.

Dry Skin:

You have dry skin when it feels flaky, dry, and tight within minutes of washing it with water. Due to lack of moisture, dry skin has sallow tone, wrinkles, fine lines and unnoticeable pores. Dry skin loses its charm with age as the problem of dead skin will increase. Dry skin always begs for moisture and hence you need to use natural masks and moisturizers to keep the skin well moisturized.

Combination Skin:

This is the most common skin type found in women. Just as the name suggests, a combination skin has some of the features of dry, oily and normal skin types. Here the skin on your forehead and around the nose will be oily while the skin around the eyes and cheeks will be dry or normal. This is why different areas of your face need to be handled and cared in different ways. You must apply rich creams and good moisturizers on the dry and normal skin area, while the oily skin part needs to be cleaned frequently to remove the traces of oil.

Sensitive Skin:

This type of skin has a thin or fine texture and is usually very dry and delicate in nature. Sensitive skin often feels tight and gets inflamed and irritated with small changes in the temperature. Often you can notice reddish and scaly areas on the face that can be itchy and tingly. There are also spots on the face caused by allergic reactions. Due to the fragile and delicate nature of sensitive skin, you need to take very special care of it to make it look flawless.

So, your skin will fall in any of the above mentioned categories. Have a close look at the skin around your face to determine your exact skin type which will help in ensuring proper care and treatment of your skin.

There are two tests to know your skin type:

Mirror and T-zone area test:

Here is a simple method of analyzing your skin type where you need to study the T-zone area of your face. T-zone area means the shape of ‘T’ that occurs on your face, compromising the forehead, and the straight line covering your nose, lips and chin. First wash your face properly and pat dry it and do not apply any product and wait for half an hour. Finally take a mirror and have a close look at your face. If there are traces of oil in the T-zone it indicates you have oily skin, and in case there is no oil at all and there are some dry skin flakes, it indicates dry skin. If there is a tiny amount of oil in the T-zone, then you probably have normal skin. Even a close look at the skin pores can indicate your skin type. Bigger pores means oily skin, smaller pores means dry skin, and less visible pores means normal skin.

Tissue paper test:

There is also a tissue paper test to find out your skin type. For this test wash your face and gently pat dry it using a very soft towel. Now take a plain tissue paper and press on different parts on your face. If the tissue paper sticks to your skin it means there is oil on the skin and you have oily skin. If the tissue paper does stick to your skin at all, then it means you have normal skin. If the tissue paper is clean and your skin feels tight, then you have dry skin. You have combination skin type, if the tissue paper sticks only on your forehead, nose and chin.

Well, now you can surely know about your skin type and you will never get confused looking at innumerable products on the market designed to meet the needs of different types of skin.

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  1. krishnakali mondal says on :

    Through your skin type guidelines i came to know that my skintype is combination…now my querries -1.why am i having pimples at both cheeks? my age is 30 yrs..2.what product cleansing,toing,moisterising should i use?am really fed up with pigmentation and pimples.

  2. Sreelekha says on :

    To answer your question, can you answer few queries:
    1.what is your diet type – oily or moderate oil or normal , are u vegie or Non vegie?
    2. Are you married?
    3. If you are not married how often you make physical relationship if at all you have or by self?
    since the questions are too personal you can answer these to my email id

  3. Raji says on :

    When I wash my face it becomes dry and it also looks like I am applying some powder on my face to escape it what type of product or soap or vaseline creams should I use?
    And second thing I have a little black colour shade down of my eyes to remove it what should I do?
    And third thing I also have lot of black shade on the corners of my lips how should I remove them.
    And fourth thing I am white in skin colour but my hands are black what care should I have to take? And the last thing is back of my neck will be in black shade even when I use scrub or to clean it I use soap what is the reason I got this and how can you help me. What care should I have to take

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