How to Wear Hot Pink Lipstick

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Pay close attention to the fashion trends this year and you will definitely find that hot pink lipstick tops the list. Many celebrities have been donning this color all over the place. Hot pink lipstick looks fresh and youthful. However, such a vibrant lip color can be pretty difficult to pull off if not applied in the correct manner. In fact, wearing this shade in an improper manner means critical stares and remarks from others.

Pink lipstick

You don’t need to be a supermodel to pull off hot pink lipstick. If done in the right manner, it is possible to rock hot pink lips without looking completely over-the-top!

Follow these tips and go ahead:

  • Test it out before you buy. It’s always a good idea to actually try lipsticks before you buy them. Lipsticks often look different on each person and tend to be a different color than what you see in the tube. The best way to know if the hot pink shade is for you is by trying it on. It’s best to test the color in natural light instead of relying on department store lighting. Ask for a sample, and test it out on your lips.
  • Irrespective of what lipstick shade you wish to wear, do not forget to moisturize lips underneath. Lips have a tendency to look caked and artificial. To avoid this, make sure that your lips are smooth and well moisturized. First apply a nourishing lip balm and then only use your lipstick.
  • If you wish to use a lip liner along with your hot pink lipstick, opt for a color that is similar to your own lip color or just one shade darker. A lip liner will help to create a better lip shape, prevent the lipstick from running, and help to last longer. After you are done with your lips makeup, make sure to lightly apply foundation around the lip area. This will help to tone down any redness around your lips.
  • With such a bright lip color, you need to keep your other eye make-up as simple as possible. You must balance your hot pink lips with big, flirty lashes. Dust a neutral eye shadow on the lids, opt for some lash extensions or some really terrific mascara. Make sure to go easy on the eye makeup, especially if you are planning to wear the hot pink shade on your lips during daytime.
  • Keep the rest of your facial makeup fresh and clean, and go easy on the blush. Keep the blush to a minimal as too much pink on your face will not look good at all. If you do need to wear a blush, try a nude color.
  • Also you need to give attention to what color dress you are going to wear with your hot pink lipstick. Avoid pink or pastel shades and opt for the colors that will gel well wth your overall makeup.

Lastly, make sure you have the confidence to pull it off. If you are not comfortable wearing hot pink lipstick shade, simply don’t try it.

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