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Eye makeup is important as it enhances your overall appearance. But before going for eye makeup you must be aware of your eye shape. Once you know the shape of your eyes, you can highlight it in a better way with the help of eye shadows, eye linear, mascara and kohl.

Eye shape

There are different eye shapes depending upon the physical shape, eye placement and eye dimensions.

Some of the popular eyes shapes are:

  • Almond shaped eyes: This particular shape of eye which resembles the shape of an almond is one of the most common eye shapes. Almond shaped eyes are considered ideal where the outer corners are upswept giving a very good shape to the eyes.
  • Protruding eyes: It is just the opposite of the almond shaped eyes. It has an appearance of projected lids in the eye socket area. Due to the bulge on the eye lashes, it can be very difficult to apply eye makeup to make the eyes look fantastic.
  • Close set eyes: Close set eyes are also known as wide set eyes. Here the space between the inside corner of one eye and the inside corner of the other eye is less as compared to the width of one eye. The proportion of both the eyes is very small in size! In simple terms, wide set eyes are located further apart from each other.
  • Deep set eyes: Deep set eyes give the impression of ‘sunken’ eyes. The shape of the eyes is large with a small mobile lid where the outer corner is very prominent and narrow inner corner. This eye shape highlights the brow bones perfectly giving a very dazzling look.
  • Hooded eyes: This eye shape can be noticed in older women where an extra layer of skin forms over the crease, creating a hood that covers the eye lid. Due to this the eye lid looks smaller. In simple terms it looks as if a small amount of skin is there on top of the lashes.
  • Large shaped eyes: Just as the name indicates, large eyes are larger in shape as compared to other facial features of your face. Large eyes look beautiful and need minimal makeup to highlight its beauty.
  • Small shaped eyes: Just as the name indicates, small eyes are much smaller in shape as compared to other facial features of your face. While doing the eye makeup special focus must be given on making the eyes look bigger, rounder and fuller than normal.
  • Round shaped eyes: Just as the name indicates, round eyes are round in shape. During eye makeup focus is given on making the eye appear like an almond. Corners of the eyes are highlighted to give a beautiful shape.
  • Asian eyes: Also known as Monolids, this particular shape of eyes appear flat on the surface and do not have much of a crease. This type of eyes looks bulging as if the eyes are set forward in the face.

Look your eyes very carefully in a mirror and you can find out what shape it has got. Determining what kind of eye shape you have is not a big deal. By following the below mentioned steps you can easily get your answer.

Steps to determine your eye shape:

  • Take a magnifying mirror and sit in a room with good lighting. Make sure the mirror is big enough so that you can have a clear view of your eyes.
  • Now focus on your eyes properly especially on the space between the inside corners of each eye. For instance if the space is shorter than the width of one eye then you have close-set eyes and vice versa.
  • Next have a close look to your eyelids. Close one eye and touch the bone located between the eye lash and the brow line. This bone line will tell about the crease on your eye lash. This will help in telling whether you have hooded or Asian eyes.
  • Keep your eyes open and notice the visible eyelid skin between your lash line and your brow bone. This space will tell you whether you have deep-set eyes, close set eyes or standard almond shaped eyes.
  • Next simply have a close look at your eyes and your other facial features. If your eyes is larger than the other facial features than you have large eyes and your eyes are shorter than the other facial features you have short eyes.
  • Finally take into consideration the above analysis results to determine your eye shape.

Important Point:

Always pay attention to the eye shapes of other people around you and try to determine your own eye shape. This way you can know what types of eye makeup suits a particular eye shape and what mistakes people are making. You will learn more from the mistakes of others. In case of any problem, you can always ask a friend to evaluate your eye shape and ask for her suggestion. A second opinion never hurts.

To conclude, the basics of eye makeup application begin with determining the shape of your eyes. This way you can make better judgment and stand apart from the crowd.

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  1. Sina Jones says on :

    Excellent Tips. It would help me to do better eye makeup.

  2. Hannah says on :

    Not all Asians have monolids -.-
    Monolid refers to the absence of a crease in the eyelid and “monolid” is not an eye shape.

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