Make Up Tips According To Skin Types

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No matter what, people love to use make up in order to achieve a flawless look. While shopping for makeup products, you come across wide varieties and it is obvious to get confused regarding which one to buy. Many a times, people end up buying wrong make-up products which does not suit their skin type. This is why experts suggest knowing your skin type first, and then only you must shop for suitable make-up products. 

Each skin type has a different need when it comes to using make up. Right makeup products will enhance your features and make you look beautiful, while wrong makeup products can damage your skin beyond repair. 

Makeup tips 

Useful makeup tips for dry, oily, normal and combination skin.

Dry Skin

Dry skin feels flaky, dry, and tight within minutes of washing it with water. This is mainly because oil glands produce less oil. Often dry skin has the problem of wrinkles, fine lines and unnoticeable pores. Dry skin lack moisture and so you need to provide it. Dry skin is sensitive to skin care products and cleansers and hence you need to choose the products properly. Those having dry skin must use a double-duty foundation that moisturizes while helping to smooth out the skin tone. Also alcohol-based products are not suitable for those having dry skin. It is also advisable to choose make-up products such as creams, blush, and lipstick and so on having extra moisturizing ingredients like Aloe Vera and vitamin. It is recommended to use natural face masks on regular basis to keep the skin well moisturized. For those having dry skin must have a creamy concealer, moisturizing foundation and pressed powder in their beauty bag. Lastly, you need to keep a good moisturizer handy as you never know when your skin will need it.

Oily Skin

Oily skin is shiny with traces on oil on the cheeks, nose and forehead. Due to excess oil, the skin looks greasy and shiny. Due to excess oil, there may also be the problem of large visible pores and different types of acne. Those having oily skin, must keep their face clean and avoid applying facial creams and moisturizers having oily ingredients. For makeup, always start with a gentle toner. Use water based foundation and any other makeup products. For those having oily skin must use a good quality concealer stick to hide the imperfections. At the same time, they must use powder or face powder to control the oily look throughout the day. For those having oily skin must have a light texture concealer, oil free foundation and long wearing loose powder in their beauty bag.

Normal Skin

People having normal skin are lucky as the skin has got vibrancy and elasticity that can never disclose the actual age of a person. Normal skin looks clean and smooth with a healthy complexion due to good blood circulation. A simple skin care routine is what a normal skin generally needs. At times, normal skin can react to changes in the environment which makes it oilier in the summer and drier in the winter. For applying foundation on a normal skin, it is better to use one designed for normal skin. Before applying foundation it is recommended to use some moisturizer. Also it is a good idea to keep a pressed powder on hand during summer and humid days. For those having normal skin must have a squeeze out tube concealer, any type of foundation and loose powder in their beauty bag.

Combination Skin

A combination skin has the features of dry, oily as well as normal skin types. Often the forehead and nose are oily, while the eyes and cheeks are dry or normal. This is why those having combination skin type, must use a flexible make-up routine. To find out what type of make-up products suit your skin, you need to try different products. For instance you will have to experiment with different foundations to know which foundation suits your skin. Apply rich creams and good moisturizers on the dry and normal skin area, and the oily skin part has to be cleaned frequently with a toner to remove the traces of oil. For the oily part you can also use an oil-managing powder.


No matter what type of makeup products you like, it is advisable to use one that suits your skin type as well as your natural skin color. Also you must not keep changing your make-up products as that will harm the skin. Always stick to one product and go for quality product only.

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