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Eyes are the most important features of your face when it comes to perfect makeup. With eyes you make communication and it is this communicative quality that makes eyes so beautiful and attractive. Also eyes are the first thing we get to notice about a person and no matter what you need to use the right eye makeup.

Basic make-up

Even though eye makeup is very important, there are many women who struggle with making the right choices for eye makeup. Knowing exactly how to apply the right eye makeup can be a difficult technique to master, but it is not something that you cannot achieve. First of all, for the perfect eye makeup there are some basic products that you need to have in order to enhance your eyes.

List of basic eye makeup items:

Eyebrow pencil:

If the texture of your eyebrows is thin, sparse, and uneven or is very light colored, eyebrow pencil is what you need to have. With an eyebrow pencil you can instantly add depth to your look, if used correctly. You can use it to make the shape of your eyebrow thick and dark. It is advisable to buy an eyebrow pencil which has a slightly darker shade as compared to your natural eyebrow color to offer proper balance to your facial features. This will also help in highlighting the shape of your eyes. Before applying an eyebrow pencil you must use a soft make-up brush to brush the eyebrows to make them free of any traces of foundation or face powder from them.

Eye shadow:

You can dramatically change your look by using eye shadow. When the right shade of eye shadow color is used it highlights your eyes, the most prominent feature of your face. For eye shadow, you can choose a single shade of color or a mixture of two to three shades. To be on the safer side you must choose an eye shadow that goes well with the dress you are planning to wear for the day. Neutral eye shadow colors such as gray and brown go well with any eye color. Those having lighter eye color should use soft colors like pink or peach-colored eye shadows. On the other hand those having darker eye color should try bold shades such as green or plum colored eye shadow. To save money you must purchase one that comes with multiple shades. Also always use a good brush to apply eye shadow.


To make your eyes look extremely beautiful and pretty you need to apply some mascara on your eye lashes. If the right shade of mascara is applied it can highlight the color of your eyes in a very attractive manner. You can use mascara for different purposes such as darkening, thickening, lengthening, or defining your eyelashes in the way you want it to be. Mascara comes in three forms—liquid, cake, or cream and you can also make a choice between water proof mascaras and non-clumping mascaras. It is recommended by beauty experts to use basic black mascara for everyday wear and use the colored ones when you wish to give a dramatic look to your eyes. Before using mascara you must always curl your eye lashes to give a perfect shape to the. When mascara is applied on curled eye lashes it looks thicker and longer.


Fine lines around your eyes or dark circles around your eyes can spoil your look. Many a times these problems are hereditary and there is nothing that can be done. But with a right concealer you can sure hide them. Select a concealer or a foundation in a shade that slightly lighter than your natural skin tone. Do not buy a shade which is too light or too dark as compared to your original skin tone. Use your concealer and apply them below your eyes and your dark circles will vanish away. Also apply them around your eyes to smooth out fine lines and wrinkles around your eyes. When concealer is applied before applying eye shadow you will find the eye shadow is lasting longer.


Your eye makeup will remain incomplete without applying some eyeliner. It is the eyeliner that defines your eyes beautiful and offers them some depth and makes them look large. Experts suggest applying eye linear very close to the lash line for a simple and perfect look. If you wish you can apply a thin liner under the bottom eyelashes too. For regular makeup it is advisable to keep the liner thin and for heavy makeup you can opt for a winder liner. Do not make the mistake of applying liner with shaky hands and this is the right time to take help from other. There are different types of eyeliner – gel, liquid and pencil and come in different shades. You can buy any one of them depending upon your comfort level and your skin tone and the shape of your eyes.

Eye Kohl Pencil:

With a kohl pencil you can beautiful outline the inside of the eyelid and the base of the lashes. Many people prefer to use a kohl pencil instead of an eye liner as here the pigments are a lot more intense which makes it easy to apply. When buying a kohl pencil make sure the texture of pencil is soft and creamy, otherwise you will face difficulty in applying it. You can use a kohl pencil to line the lower lid of the eye, under the lashes, and also the upper lash line as well. Koll pencil is used to give a smoky and smudged look to your eyes. Kohl pencils are generally available in black shades but nowadays you can find it in other shades also like blue, silver, gold and brown.

Eye Makeup Remover:

At the end of the day it is very essential to remove your eye makeup. As eye makeup products contain pigments you must not allow them to remain on your skin for a longer period of time. If you do not remove your eye makeup it can result in dark circles under your eyes or crease near the eye lids. So there is a high change of getting the particles of make-up products inside your eyes which can cause infection. You can remove the eye makeup easily with the help of an ‘eye makeup remover’. Take some of the eye makeup remover in your hand and with a fresh piece of cotton ball start taking off the eye shadow color, mascara from the lashes and the eye pencil marks on the outer line of your eyes. Finally wash your eyes with fresh water and pat dry it with a soft towel. Before going to bed, apply a moisturizer or a night cream.

Final words:

Now it is time to stock your makeup bag with the above mentioned eye makeup products. These products will enhance your eyes and make them the most attractive features of your face. Finally, it is very important to buy quality eye make products as you simply cannot take risk with your delicate and sensitive eyes. Low quality products can cause allergy or irritation which is not good for the overall health of your eyes. So, it is time to do some shopping for your eyes!

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