Seven Foundation Mistakes That Must Be Avoided

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Foundation makes a massive difference in your overall makeup as it enhances your complexion and gives a natural looking finish to your makeup. In fact, foundation is considered as a canvas on which you build a gorgeous makeup look. So, when your foundation is not applied properly no one is going to notice your well defined lips or smoky eye makeup.

Foundation mistakes
Foundation is meant to help make your skin look flawless, but there are so many things that can go wrong when it comes to choosing and applying foundation. Incorrect foundation application is a major makeup mistake that people often make.

Here are 7 foundation mistakes that must be avoided.

Choosing the wrong shade

Many people make the mistake of choosing the wrong foundation shade.  A wrong shade can make your makeup detectable and unnatural. Go for a shade that matches your skin tone exactly. While choosing a shade, apply some on your jaw line and blend. If your foundation is visible and you can see a lighter or a darker patch then it is the not the right shade for you. Opt for a foundation shade that blends seamlessly with your skin. This way no one can guess whether you are wearing foundation at all. To pick the right shade go outside and check yourself in the mirror in natural light.

Not blending it

A foundation needs to be blended properly to give a flawless look. But unfortunately, most people ignore it. After applying some foundation at your nose, chin and forehead, you must blend it properly using a cosmetic sponge, your fingers or a kabuki brush. You need to blend it all the way to the neck and hair line. When foundation is not blended properly, it makes a visible demarcation line across the jaw that looks horrible.

Choosing the wrong type

Another common mistake people make is using the wrong format of foundation. In the market, you can find different types of foundation – cream, liquid, cream to powder and tinted moisturizer types. Different types of skin need different types of foundation. For instance, those having dry skin must not use cream or powder based foundation. In case of dry skin, a liquid foundation is the best option. Those having combination or oily skin type should go for a powder foundation – preferably mineral based. Always select a texture that works for your skin.

Wearing too much foundation

There is no need to coat your entire face with foundation as it will make you look like a ‘cake face’. Use foundation on your skin only where needed. The less you use, the more natural it looks. You can apply foundation to redness around the nose, dark under eye circles and any blemishes or spots and later on blend it properly to make it look natural.

Skipping a primer or moisturizer

Most women start applying foundation without even moisturizing their skin. This is why foundation gets oxidized and changes its color throughout the day. Always moisturize your skin before wearing foundation. This will help foundation go on smoothly without clinging to the dry parts of your face. You must choose a moisturizer or a primer according to your skin type. 

Not setting your foundation

Once you have applied your foundation, you need to set it in order to get a flawless look. In fact, setting is as important as priming and moisturizing. To lock in your foundation, set it with a translucent powder. It will not just keep your makeup from sliding off your face but also make it look less shiny and natural.

Testing the color on your hands

It has been found that most people test the color of the foundation on the back of their hand or inside of their wrist. This is something you must avoid at all cost as these body parts won’t be wearing foundation nor are they the same shade as your skin on your face. The best place to test foundation is to test it side by side in stripes along your jaw. Always check your choices of foundation in natural light.

Avoiding these common foundation mistakes will make a huge lot of difference in your makeup application and give you a perfect look.

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  1. shireen sukhan says on :

    very very nice yar… great tips, now i know how to apply purfect foundation..and as well how to chose best foundation for my skin .. Thanks allot

  2. Maria Lourdes Sylvia T. Matas says on :

    Nice. Very informative, organized and well thought of. This will be a lot of help to those who are starting to apply cosmetics from all age groups.

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