Simple but Powerful Tips to Get Natural Pink Lips

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Important Points:

  • One major reason behind the dark color of your lips is too much consumption of tea, coffee and other beverages. So, you need to cut down on your drinking habit.
  • If you have the habit of smoking then it is time to quit smoking. Smoking can make the color of your lips black color.
  • Dehydration is not good for your lips and so you must try to consume huge amount of water. You must drink at least ten glasses of water daily to flush out all the toxic from your body and keep it hydrated.
  • When lips are exposure to the sunrays, the natural color of your lips will fade away. So, before going out in the sun apply some good sunscreen lotion on your lips.

To conclude, by following these above mentioned simple and easy tips you can make your lips soft and pink. So, put these tips in action and see how your lips start blooming like a pink rose.

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225 Responses to “Simple but Powerful Tips to Get Natural Pink Lips”

  1. raina says on :

    hii…my lip colour is dark..i hv tried honey,lemon and natural ghee,bt i found 0 effect..plzz tell me a fast way to get rid of these embarrishing black lips…….

  2. KHUSHI says on :


  3. prashant says on :

    thank you khushi

  4. reshma says on :

    Raina,i will give you a tip-at morning grind coriender amd make a paste put some rose water or if you do not habe rose water you can putbsome honey and lemon juice but rose water works well put this on your lips leave for ten min then massage it for five minutes.Whithin a week you can see notice.Remember you cant change your natural lip colour
    Hope it helped

  5. reshma says on :

    For all of you having dark lips follow these tips

    If you want to make your lips pink use honey with haldi make a paste apply on your lips leave for ten min and rinse you can try at night .

    Take lemon and rose water put less honey in it apply on your lip to make them pink. Try at evining.

    Take cucumber honey lemon glycerin turmeric mix.and apply it for30minutes and scrub with sugar and wash if you do not have glycerin it is ok dont add .

    To make lips immediately pink apply beeyroot juice in night beafor sleeping wash at morning.

    Massage,your lips with rose water every night massage until rose waterr donot get absorbed and apply vaseline and sleep.

    A homemade exfoliater
    Prepare a paste from this and scrub your lips live for five min again scrub and wash do this two time a day after scrubbing do not apply any pure petroleum jelly apply flavoured lip balm when lip balm absorbed apply vaseline

    Try to drink plenty of water
    Do not drink coffee tea
    Do not smoke

    If you follow these home remedies within a week you will feel change I have feeled it

    Hopr it helped

  6. veeresh says on :

    I have dark lips, am looking good but, my dark lips so.. please help me. am not a smoking. ,waiting for ur help

  7. Haneen says on :

    Hey! Your lips are cool just the way they are but if you wanna make them look good u can tray this:
    Take some glycerin on a piece of cotton and rub it over your lips.Do it before sleeping.
    My lips are dark too and so I tried this and it worked. But what I can say is that now mostly people have dark lips so don’t worry too much.Just thanks GOD that he gave you proper lips,many people don’t have them.

  8. heena says on :

    u r rite but , but some people said to me ur lips r so black, so i feel so bad ,but i will try ur advice,.

  9. Arisha ali khan says on :

    Hii , try sme fresh coriandr on ur lip Try dis

  10. ashish says on :

    take one tea spoon tea tea spoon sugar.. nd one tea spoon honey..make paste and massages ur lips (y)

  11. Reshma says on :


  12. Akhil says on :

    My upper lips is black lower is not two not hamful hab..witg for help pls

  13. ashvn says on :

    Will ghee works if i apply it on my lips?? how do i go about it?

  14. Dipali says on :

    I too have dark lips…
    i just dnt lyk them
    someone please help me to get pink lips wjich are natural…
    my face is beautiful but not lips…

  15. Clox says on :

    Had a light dark lips but now its black.tried all sorts of home remedies like olive oil and lime juice,butter,honey,carrot juice,cucumber and still ?? see no positive effects

  16. DR HAMZA says on :

    Dear take some drops of lemon juice and cucumber juice, then add some gecrine drops in it and apply on your lips daily… after 4 days u can see the difference 🙂

  17. shirley says on :

    hi,..what is gecrine drops?..i can’t see it online..thanks.

  18. yasser says on :

    i think she meant glycerine drops…

  19. shivani says on :

    Glycerin drops are used by actresses/actors when they need to fake cry in movies or soaps

  20. alhassan says on :

    Hey,am Alhassan,please I want to get reallp pink lips very fast,how do I do it,please help me,my girlfriend wants to leave me,she likes guys with pink lips better,crazy ryt! But anyway I love her still and ill do anything,please help me save my relationship

  21. Tina says on :

    Use olive oil before going to bed and pls if u r the smokr avoid it soon try its a free advice

  22. riya says on :

    simply way is to apply a rose petal dip in milk for sometym n then applied on lips everyday n pomogranate seeds or bertroot juice can help yu wid immediate result…

  23. sandy says on :

    i’ve just tried yesterday..the above remedies…and can see.. a li’l much change!!! <3

  24. Sana says on :

    which one did u try and in how many days did you colour chnged

  25. noni simmo says on :

    Hey! I use vaseline everyday, but 0results. I don’t know what sthe reason behin it. an I se milk instead of milk cream?

  26. Haneen says on :

    Hey dear!
    I’ve heard that too much use of Vaseline or Chapstick makes your lips dark. Use lip balm instead!

  27. sonia says on :

    hi frnds.. apply olive oil when u gng to slp.. u can get pink lips. try this..
    trust me.. i m ur frnd

  28. umair says on :


  29. alisha says on :

    did it work

  30. khushboo says on :

    hii i have dark lips nd i m going to try above remedies ………………. guys wish me luck …………..

  31. sakthivel says on :

    wishing you a good luck…

  32. sean says on :

    you can use rose water n scrub on ua lips gently before going to bed ot really works

  33. KIWI says on :

    hi, i have red dry lips and i wish to make them permanently black and soft. how can it be possible?

  34. sush says on :

    BY smoking

  35. reshma says on :

    To make it little dark u you can drink coffie till you get little dark lips.

  36. Jithu says on :

    Yes of course , smoke 6 sig (min) a day . Forget abt ur red lips

  37. Shalini says on :

    What is mean by sebum and coco butter ?

  38. Bhadra says on :

    we have some glands on our skin called sebaceous glands and they secrete on oily substance called sebum, which makes your skin and hair naturally oily and waterproof. when dirt and sebum combine it leads to pimples, acne, blackheads and yes, darker lips. As for coco butter, u will get a tube of that in the vaseline range, although i will not reccomend it much. Wish you all the best!

  39. itsme says on :

    I have dark lips bt i don’t know how can i get my lips a natural pink color plz tell me that all the above things are really works..

  40. Mar!O says on :

    Hey!!! Just scrub your lips with hard tooth brush for about 5minutes before you sleep and mind d way u bite them. It works for me like serious, “just tooth brush”. Painfull tho!

  41. Shifa says on : why do you want to make your lips black…

  42. Shifa says on :

    My name is Shifa too

  43. JAM says on :

    hahhahhaa 😀

  44. jessica says on :

    Because they’re black. Just guessing. Lol

  45. juliet says on :

    My nani says by aplies malai on ur lips before going to sleep can help u to make ur lips pink

  46. tip says on :

    Eat friuts e’day n see if that works

  47. waqa says on :

    juliet..what is malai??

  48. anna says on :

    malai mean fresh cream of milk

  49. megha says on :

    my lips have been dark since childhood. have tried the scrubbing and oils n ghee n lemon .nothing works. i cant even put a gloss …im embarrassed. help plz. i am brown skinned.

  50. sush says on :

    Cucumber juice when applied on lips help a lot in reducing the darkness of lips. use daily when u have time, because it’s realy work on me. try it

  51. Janelle Sapida says on :

    Hello Such , Iam Janelle I Just Want To Know If Cucumber kIKsk really Effective to lighten my dark lips . and how many days I’ll see the result . ?

  52. rj* says on :

    Bring vasline lipcare.b4 go to rub ur lip with water or rose water.clean ur lip perfectly and then apply vasline like that it will cover ur 2 days u will be happy realy.

  53. Nishi says on :

    I have dark and dry lips. which of this work so fast? please suggest !

  54. Ashik says on :

    I will try the above remedies hope it works for my darken lips

  55. Tajinder says on :

    Hey Megha!! I have a question for you…..Hope you dont mind to answer it
    Umm…..Is your complexion dark from the time of your birth or it has turned dark now?? Whats your age?

  56. megha says on :

    yeah. i wrote im brown skinned. not dark but “Saavla” . not dark.. dusky.

  57. Doctor says on :

    Apply ghee every time ur lips dried up and eat plenty of oranges,carrot,beatroots rather then applying it

  58. ashok says on :

    my lips has becamed black in colour due to smoking is there any remidy to change my lip as natural colour

  59. ancd says on :

    rightly said!!!!!:)

  60. Billie says on :

    I have just used sugar and olive oil and massaged my lips softly for 5 min and it actually works! Brilliant thank u! U may see a little change the first time u use it but if u don’t keep trying don’t give up. Also drink plenty of water ALWAYS 🙂

  61. samyu says on :

    before you go to bed,crush the corriander leaves with your wil get a little amount of juice.apply it in your lips and sleep.if you do this regularly one month,u will get really pink lips 🙂

  62. Rashed Rumi says on :


  63. Gaurav Singh says on :

    Friends I live in Jaipur India and I had Black lips problem.. I used to smoke earlier but stopped after i realized i had black lips like anything.. and it gone worse when it started cracking from sides..
    first of all the home remedies will take years..
    lemme tell you the quick ways that i started and it really improved like anything..
    1. stop smoking.. if u cant.. dont smoke until last.. throw it after 3/4 of the cigg consumption.. if filters hot warmth will pass to will go worse..
    2 you must be allergic to dust or sun… so avoid going in hot hours.. also make sure while riding bike your cover your face and lips
    3 Stop using petroleum jelly products.. if your using some kind of vaseline on lips or lip balm.. make sure it doesn’t have petroleum jelly.. coz it is made up of petrol..
    Stop using soap on face..
    4. after brush, rub your lips with brush slowly and gently and before brushing.. put some paste on your lips and leave it for sometime.. the mint will cool your lips from inside..
    5. Start using Anti-oxidant, MultiVitamins & MultiMineral Tablet.. I consumed Leoplex-Z only once in a day.. do not over consume.. these kinda tablets are expensive and body can consume only what it really needs.. rest will go waste..
    6. i also used Mometasone Furate Ointment IP.. it is just to make the black color to normal one.. I used in the night before going to sleep..
    7. i also started drinking green tea (Full of Anti Oxidant) in hot water.. tetley was like good .. organic india was also good.. twinning wasn’t dat good..
    8. increase consumption of water..
    9. in morning drink honey and lime in luke warm water..
    Do lemme know your experience on

  64. Krithiga says on :

    Thanks for giving so much tips

  65. Shalini says on :

    Why we should not apply Vaseline ?

  66. van says on :

    thank you. do you also have suggestions on how to avoid to use makeup in the eyes or concealer?
    many lipsticks have lead and other bad ingredients so is good to know how to avoid them

  67. Eliza says on :

    Am Eliza i want to remove my dark from lips.. my upper lip is dark than my lower lip, i usually scrub my lip with lemon and honey but i do not see any change..? So plzz help me to get rid from this problem…

  68. Natasha says on :

    One thing that can help, before applying your lipstick, apply little foundation on your lips . Then apply soft colors, it’s will look natural and sweet. I dunno how to make them becom naturally pink tho.

  69. Puppy says on :

    What i use is Vaselene u just put a little on before you go to sleep and leave it on all night and when you wake up in the morning they should be really soft. But u can use pink lip balm to make them pinker 🙂 Hope I helped!

  70. kamal bishnoi says on :

    hi guys i am smoking so my lips are dark so any desi idea for gave me pink lips any….

  71. abby says on :

    Hi, I have dark lips now because of the lipstick I have applied on my lips.. It was burned. I’ve been treating it for 7 mos but still it don’t turn back to its natural color.. Some advice? Thanks

  72. sarjana says on :

    use lip balm to make lip pink

  73. meenakshy says on :

    hi guys so if you have black lips try putting aloevera juice. put honey before going to shower on your lips . all the best!

  74. Roni says on :

    I hv dark and dry lips. I tried evry things malai, honey, lemon, cucumber, rose petals, ghee, some ayurvedic oils like [lavanya oil and kumkumadi oil], coriender, curd also bt nothing worked. n i hv a bad habit of making my lips wet wit my tongue coz my lips are vry dry. plz help me out…..

  75. reshma says on :

    Roni please go to reshma comment at last
    It is a long answer but I have written simple and easy homeremedies . Whith this homeremedies I iam sure your lips will get naturally pink in week you can see results.

  76. aayesha says on :

    My lips are quite weird.. upper lip is totally black n the lower one is half pink n half black… mom said when i was small my lips were pink.. bt now its dark.. tell me what to do..?? Plz

  77. Anan says on :

    i read all of these ways to get pink lips and i want to try them, but im scared if it doesnt work and makes my lips look worse. also my even bigger problem is dark marks around my mouth, they look ugly and everytime i pout my lips or even talk you will notice them and how disgusting they look. any help please?

  78. mini says on :

    my lower lips is pink but upper lips is black by birth…ppls suggest

  79. swap says on :

    hi my lips are so dark .whatever i apply they r getting more darker but not getting pink . what should i do??

  80. leenakumari says on :

    how to change lipstick colour pink to black in sometime leter

  81. Steph says on :

    hi…is it okay to use brown sugar rather than the white?….thanks and oh… i have a pale dark lips and when i pout it’ll became darker than the normal…what should i do?

  82. tamanna says on :

    my lips are not too much black nd not too much pink its normal ,,, but i want beautiful lips,, i want pink lips,,, but my lips are dry ,,, give me some home made for dry lips 🙂

  83. reshma says on :


  84. fathima s says on :

    try to bite ua lips frequently,,its very usful,,,n brush ua lips forcly,,…

  85. ||Supergirl|| says on :

    That will just make the lips red/pink because of irritation -,-

  86. Rajeev says on :

    use green chilli paste on ur lip everyday before u go to bed . Within a few minutes u will get really pink lips.

  87. vekshika says on :

    green chilli..this will burn my lips too much and like that obviously it will become pink.Means everyday before go to bed a person will have to suffer with burn.. I think it will prefer to use
    sugar on my lips and olive oil…

  88. Tara khan says on :

    hi rajeev you have suggested green chili paste to make lip pinks why you have suggested so have you used it mr green chili

  89. tina says on :

    apply green chillies in your eyes, it will turn red and beautiful and will stop you from passing such comments 😀

  90. DanTei says on :

    I already have soft and full lips but i want to make them both same color pink cos the upper lip is dark pink while the lower is like pink+red. How do i make them even pls.

  91. Swiper says on :

    I’m from The Bahamas and I smoke a lot and I use the pink lip balm but it just makes my lips a little bit tougher than they were, someone please help!

  92. Bilal says on :

    hi to all-
    my lips hve also gone bit dark. . .-
    i’v heard dat, if v crush sugar nd mix it wid a lemon juice, thn apply on lips-
    it will decrease darkness-
    hpe it will help on u guyz too-

  93. Precious says on :

    I scrubed my lips with brush n it started bleeding n created injury,now my lips are really more black Dan b4,wat do I do

  94. ||Supergirl|| says on :

    If you already have cracks and you scrub your lips, they will bleed… Scrubbing needs to be done gently but firmly. Apply moisturizer regularly for a few days. If you do this the lips are bound to get soft, then scrub with a toothbrush having soft bristles like a baby’s toothbrush

  95. Hilly says on :

    Shea butter also works wonders. Just massage ur lips with it overnite, u ll be surprised at the result in the mornin!

  96. gayumix says on :

    hi..if i use those steps like baking soda with water the redness will be forever?? plz.reply!!

  97. Sennen says on :

    I want to know if lime juice can make the lips pink too…i rilie wnt d pink

  98. hamdan says on :

    kissing is a better way to make ur lips pink 😀

  99. fara says on :

    it realy works take some pinch of sugar and lemon juice and scrub the lip with works within 3 me

  100. anushka says on :

    will it get pink soon…?

  101. Mcckenzie says on :

    Gurls do tell me that my lipz are hard..infact anytime i try to kiss a gurl they dodge me..

  102. radhi says on :

    hy my lips was sooooo pink… How to make it black.? Coz i like black lips.. Yup its look like so amazing na.. Y people u don like black lips..

  103. elvira says on :

    Try red toothpase. it really works. u can see the difference in just 3 days. My lips was very dark b4 but n0w its red. its amazing!

  104. Megha says on :

    A quick remedy for clearing up dark, uneven lips is applying Johnson & Johnson baby cream. Lightly scrub your lips with a toothbrush before sleeping and apply the cream. Your lips will start clearing soon. Good luck!

  105. Reshma says on :


    Take honey rosewater and aplly on lips
    Scrub with the help of a toothbrush
    Dont scrub hard scrub slightly and wash
    Do it every morning

    After coming from outdoor grind coriander into paste
    And aplly rose water into coriander paste
    Aply on lips leave for five min and scrub with a
    Help of toothbrush slightly

    Take cucumber lemon honey rosewater
    Turmeric sugar
    Grind cucumber and add honey lemon
    Rosewater turmeric all in three teasepoon
    Leave for 30min then with the help of sugar
    Scrub slightly and wash do it every evning
    End up with a petroleum jely

    Take rosewater rub on lip with circular motion
    After that apply moisturizer do it every night
    Before sleeping

    Wait these remedies are to do in right time
    But there are remedies you can do anytime you want

    Take honey rosewater mix and apply on lips
    When you get time

    Take rosewater cucumber juice honey and mix
    Them apply on lips for 30min and wash

    Take rosewater milk cream (malai)and mix
    Them both and on lips you can leave this
    Paste for ten min and wash

    Take raw milk add honey and apply on lips and
    Leave this paste on your lips

    Some exfoliater

    Exfoliater plays a imporyant role for skin
    Same exfoliater is imporyant for your lips
    Dont exfoliate daily this can harm your lip skin
    Do this twice a week


    Take honey add some rosewater and sugar
    Make a paste of this and scrub your lips for

    Take cucumber juice rosewater sugar and make
    A paste scrub for five min and wash


    Take lemon honey rosewater and add sugar
    Make a paste and scrub your lip for five min

    Take a pinch of haldi a teaspoon of honey and
    Lemon and two teaspoon of sugar and scrub your
    Lips for five min then wash

    Note-dont go to sun immediately after applying
    Lemon on lips .Use lemon only in night


    Wear spf on lip
    To make them pink in one night
    Apply beetroot juice and sleep
    This will nourish your lip and note this give
    A permanent colour
    Drink water
    Apply moisturizer
    Dont drink tea coffee or ane caffien drink
    dont smoke

    Hope this helped!

  106. bhuvi says on :

    I used to apply beetroot juice but it helps me for some hours but after that my own colour comes wat can I do ma

  107. Tiara says on :

    Do I have to do everything listed above? Because I just want red full lips so I was only going to do the rose and milk one, or do I have to do all?

  108. Tara khan says on :

    hi I am tara I have a tip for you you can use betroot juice mixed with olive oil it will make lip rosy pink.Hope you will like it thankyou please feed back me

  109. ife ti says on :

    Use demovate cream it does wonder

  110. sagufi khanam says on :

    use honey and lemon juice regularly on lips that will make ur lip pink+smooth really i use it daily and now my lip is soooo,pinky.

  111. crystal p says on :

    hi,my lips are dark by birth itself..nd my skin color is white…my lips make an awkward contrast to my skin i wanted to ask whetr the above given tips wil work for lips dat are dark by birth itself

  112. Reshma says on :

    Crystal p
    I know you never ask me to answer the question but if you have confusion so I wanitt to tell you you cant change the natural lip colour nobody cant change natural lip colour or skin colour
    But I want to tell you that applying beetroot juice can
    help to bring pink color to your lip but not for forever
    You have to apply it every night befor sleeping and you will notice pink lips but for a day not forever you have to
    Apply always in night and wash of in morning with
    Plain water not soap and remember when washing
    Your face do not allow the face wash to go the lip
    Because it will wash away the colour of betroot juice.
    Beetroot juice cant change the lip natural colour but nourish at night
    For noirishing and for care of your lips
    You need to read the long answer and simple
    Homeremedies written at last by reshma (me)
    Please repply me for the beetroot juice and the
    Long answer if you have seen the results of beetroot juice
    And the other homeremedies written in long ans by me
    I will reply in two days if you have any other doubt for hair
    Skin lips etc
    Hope it helpd

  113. crystalp says on :

    thank you reshma for the suggestion…in the above post some person mentioned about a ointment named mometasone furoate will that help to reduce??

  114. Reshma says on :

    My sister used that ointment when she was
    13,years it does not work for her because I already
    Said that nobody can change the natural lip colour.
    My sister try it for a month and she got more dark lips.
    So I suggest you to not try this ointments.
    Hope it helped you

  115. Reshma says on :

    I forgot to say a thing that is a skin ointment use d to treat skin irritation eczema etc. but my sister used it in lips so I think that is the reason she got more dark lips

  116. Abu Danish says on :

    Hey Guys..! U ll gt pink lips if u follows me !

    take rose water and glycerin ! Mix it ! juz apply dis 30 mns bfo u go to sleep and wash… Afta dis scrub ur lips wid sugar !

    Sure.. ! U ll gt pink lips !
    And onemor thng.. Quit smokn if ur a smoker !

  117. Cijo says on :

    what about dark lips due to smoking ?

  118. VIVTORIA says on :

    hi,what is rose water .how or where do i get that

  119. Sam says on :

    hi guys, trust me kissing ur gf or bf early morng or late nyt will give u soft pinkish and light clrd lips…avoid kissing during noon 😛

  120. khushi says on :

    wow…difficult to decide which method to use..will surely try the sugar n olive oil..

  121. jeevika singh says on :

    good tips ,i had dark lips and now after i tried these trips my lip became pink and because of my lips my whole face is glowing

  122. jemima says on :

    don’t put vaselin to your lips it will make your lips can try cocoa butter it is himmalaya’s product because while i am putting vaselin my lips became dark but while i am puuting cocoa butter it was alright.:)

  123. RAHIM says on :


  124. jemima says on :

    who to say this

  125. niki says on :

    So if something doesn’t suits you, doesn’t mean that it is bad….

  126. jemima says on :

    hi guys its true kissing during night and early mrg makes lips pink have a pink lips

  127. akshara says on :

    i think so jemima had tried this and got good results.

  128. sunil sharma says on :

    hey,nothing can turn your lips reddish permanently…some remedies may turn ur lips reddish but for temporary…if u have a dark skin..nothing can change into whitish for a longer time..its real…believe me or not I’m having a reddish skin..when i came in direct contact to sun it becomes more reddish..and darker skin will become more darker when came contact to sun..

  129. prasanna says on :

    i thinke kiss is the best way to get a pink lips… 😛

  130. vineet singh says on :


  131. debolina says on :

    Okay guys, I also had d same black lips prblm…do try dis one…apply generous amount of almond oil on your lips b4 going to bed…do it atleast 4 a month…dont expect drastic results…it will not turn ur lips into bubblegummy pink, but the blackness will be reduced…I am doing the same 4 last 2 months now, my lips are not exactly pink, but now atleast the dark patches have gone and the colour of my lips matches to the rest of my face…I tried dis after all the remedies mentioned here,,,also my lips were quite dark since childhood,…I have a wheatish complexion…thanku guys…

  132. emma says on :

    Hi guys,I’ve tried using the sugar and olive oil in rubbing my lips every five minutes before going to bed nd is really helping,try it guys…all the BEST..

  133. Tunde says on :

    I live in Nigeria and some of the remedies stated above are not easily found here. I have a fairly reddish lip but I want an immediately red or pink lips. Though I tried some of the remedies such as olive oil+sugar, lime juice+olive oil and sometimes orange peel… Any further home remedy I can use for immediate pinky or reddish lip? Pls comment

  134. Reshma says on :

    Try betroot juice remedy all is to take beetroot juice on lips leave it whole night and wash it off in the morning ypu get a pink lip if will not wash your lip in whole day and that is impossible so it will stay only till you do not wash your lip

  135. alex says on :

    lol u guys are so funny . btw kiwi why u want dark lips lol u should follow sush tip “smoke” 🙂

  136. alex says on :

    kiwi u shud kiss at noon if you want dark lips remember dont kiss during morning are at nite gud luck dwl.

  137. Kristen says on :

    Whenever your boil milk leave it for ten minutes, the deposit that will show up there can really play a very important role in making your lips pinkier. Take the deposit and allpy it on your lips. It will change them forever and use it daily if possible and for those who have pink lower lips and a black upper one, this will give you an amazing results your won’t regret.

  138. padma priya says on :

    these are good tips.thank u have a rosy lips

  139. Elvis Sly says on :

    I’ve just began my own mixture today, with lemon,honey,olive oil…. Hope it will turn my red lips pink, am a church lips is enticingly red.with no trumpet mouthpiece lines i wish it will workout.

  140. Elvis Sly says on :

    am a church trumpeter, my lower lips is briliantly red. And i wanted them to be pink like the chinese, i’ve just started my own mixture of olive,honey,and lemon i pray it will work out without ruining my metal kissing lips, i dont wana have trumpet mouthpiece line on my tender lips..

  141. BASSIN T SALLAH says on :


  142. alyna says on :

    Hello frnds… Thnks for d tips… Its realy wrks..

  143. Bhuva says on :

    Guys & gals jus wan to knw any one here get thier natural lip color after following a method? Simple as that. If anyone get so. Pls tell me wat method u followed. Don ask me go an buy dis & dat,do mixing do grinding pls stop it.ppl who read really confused.I scroll down all the way down, now i don knw wat to follow up.Simple methods that’s it. If I hurt someone sorry. I knw a lot of person lookin here same as me. I am post posting behalf of them. U or not answering me. U are answering a lot of ppl like me. So simple tips. Thx in advance. I will follow and I will come here to post my results.

  144. moqqy says on :

    Aaarggh well, mine is a bit strange,, when i brush and bathe in the morning, the middle of my lower lip turns red a bit,d sides r still dark, buh when i go out, after about 2hrs, it goes dry n turns dark, i tried most of the solutions i could find tho,, but nothing gud, i just think getting a knife and slicin it a bit might help….Aigoo 🙁

  145. mamtha says on :

    hi am mamtha …i had a black lips i hv tried so many things but i dint get any diffrence …lostly i tried one tip tht s coriender and rose water mix realy its helpd me ,with in a week i saw the diffrece my lips becme litl pick am happy fr tht…so .who are havng dark lips u just try ths ….and let me knw the result ..thank u:-)

  146. Reshma says on :

    Mamtha I will give a another tip
    That is take rose water haldi cucumber poatato juice
    And lemon and coriander leaves and honey. grind cucumner and dhananiya take five tablespoons of dahaniya and cucumber juice and rosewater haldi potato juice lemon honey all in one table spoon.mix it apply on lips for 30min wash it of the leftover can be kept in refrigerator for 2 days.

  147. Abhirami says on :

    Hey Reshma.Your tips was so helpful. .Where did you get so much tips friend? Anyway, thank you so much reshma

  148. Reshma says on :

    I did not get this tip from anyone or did not get in internet.
    My mother has dark lips due to tea.And my mother used this remedies and she got pink lips in just one month.I
    Have also dark lips mean very dark lips and she advises me
    To do this remedies and it worked in a month iwas so surprised
    And now I have so pink lips so icould tell this tips is from my mother

  149. RAHIM says on :


  150. Jashanpreet Kaur says on :

    Friends I Like All Comments Above N M Going to do some of then as i dont have soo dark lips so i think rosewater is better for me……. :p

  151. amy says on :

    Its very useful so thankful

  152. Sherina says on :

    Just wanted to say that using petroleum jelly or vaseline on your lips while being exposed to the sun actually darkens them so always use a lip balm or moisturiser that contains SPF.

  153. Richmond says on :

    Guys am about to try d above remedies, wish me luck~

  154. Richmond says on :

    Whr can i easily get glycerin drops?

  155. pretty good says on :

    Hi I sm pretty good. I really like pink red and light orange lips. I love this lip colour s.i am white and my lip colour is pink sometimes red or orange. my friend really have pink same like me .I really do some home remedies to have pink lips last longer. try to make your own .not with others idea but I will share it
    try making anything else. some things that will give u pink lips are rose flowers lemons honey cucumber orange peel milk saffron yogurt etc alway s apply spf lipbalms .scrup your lips with brush every night massage your lips twice a day this step s will help you. Pls reply.

  156. jessi says on :

    i think Jemima got got result i am going to try this thanks Jemie………

  157. mis says on :

    I have dark lips .. I dont know why .. I didnt smoke .
    pls do tell me the fastest way to have it :'(

  158. wild-child says on :

    Face Steam cures, nourishes and gives fair complexion to skin. Warm vapour removes the blockage from the pores of skin. Then gently wipe out the lips with luke warm water soaked cotton balls and feel the difference.

  159. joeker says on :

    What do u mean, make the paste? Im interested with this advise milk and rose. Can u please repeat the step it for me? I will thank you for all of this reshma

  160. Abiolah says on :

    Have been using two step to glow my lip,,first when I wake up in the morning.I slice a lemon thenn spread little sugar on it and massage my lips..second I mix Honey,,Olive oil and sugar ,,then I use it to massage for 10min or more..I also discover that fruit also can help..peel the back of the fruit and use it to rob it gently,,by doing all this you will be happy with your lip.Good luck Guys.

  161. reshma says on :

    I will tell this process again in easy words .
    Take chilled milk , take rose petals grind it in a blender and take its puree and apply on lips . For better results add lemon juice to the puree and apply on lips and dont wash it.

  162. nirvanika says on :

    I am going to share what worked for me.One can not change the natural lip colour completely, but one can make the lips look a bit lighter by regular exfoliation using a mix of almond oil and sugar. I have another tip which works if used once or twice a week. Buy good quality Menhdi powder (even better make a paste of fresh menhdi leaves, avoid using black heena at any cost as that is a chemical dye not a plant based powder). Mix the powder with a little bit of milk cream and apply the thick paste on your lips like lipstick. Once it has semi-dried, please scrub it off gently. Do not use water to wash it off as that will stop the vegetable dye in Menhdi from developing. In few weeks your lips will become coralish/pinkish/reddish depending upon how dark/light your lips were to begin with. How does it work: Menhdi powder has a plant based dye which binds with the proteins present in your lip membrane. Please do not use this tip if you are allergic to Menhdi (also called Hina)

  163. suku says on :

    my lips are really dark then i tried jemimas technique and now my lips are pink thank u very very muchhhhhhhh

  164. reshma says on :

    Take 1 teaspoon of coconut milk
    1 tabelspoon of lemonjuice and rosewater and 1tablespoon of cucumber juice.mix this and apply on lips leave for 30 min or 15min then wash after a week your lips will become smooth and pink

  165. kenny carina says on :

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  166. saranya says on :

    hi frnds… in born i have pink lips but now it’s look like dark brown.. pls give me a effective idea to change my lip into pink… within weeks i want pink lip bcz next week is my engagement…

  167. rohan says on :

    use ghee on lips deffinatly mst ho jayenge lips try yr 1 time plz

  168. emma zaria says on :

    guys am ema*
    whats up wit evry one try’na have red or pink lip? Pink lips sucks it shows u dnt smoke alot wch is very bad…roll d weed bro

  169. mufi says on :

    Hi use lemon with sugar daily to get pinky lips

  170. mufi says on :

    Use lemon with sugar

  171. laina says on :

    hello everybody 🙂
    i have search through many sites and finally i came with only one efficient method:

    1. scrub ur lips with olive oil, sugar a bit of lemon juice. scrub gently for about 3 mins, rinse with water and pat dry.

    2. take some rose water and dilute it with only 2 drops of water and rub over your lips.

    3.rinse well with water and pat dry.

    4. finally take some vaseline and put on your lips 😀

    you will notice great results in only 1 week.. hope this helps ^^

  172. Yinka Ibrahim Lewis says on :

    If u really need red lips or pink lips contact me and I ill forward u the exact thing to use.No matter how dark your two lips are u wouldn’t believe me if I tell u dat your lips will become red or pink within two days give me a trial and see..but I do charge for my own method…I would have said u should go for the tattoo but it cause lip cancer so do not try it.A friend of mine did the tattoo cosequently he has cancer of the lips so I advice you not to go for the tattoo.
    Here is my contact +2348107572594 call me with your number and I ill tell you what to use..give me a trial and see what will definately happen…it works fast

  173. Omotolani says on :

    Gonna try the honey, lemon, and sugar procedure. Hope it works cos am a smoker!

  174. sam says on :

    I smoke a lot everyday so my lips r toooo black wat to do lolz

  175. Sarah says on :

    These tips are really awesome and wonderful and they have great effect. There are many other tips that work amazingly for lighten up your lips. But, these tips are very simple.

    Thanks for sharing such valuable stuff with us

  176. Jtenna O says on :

    Pls guys when trying this remedies ensure you aviod petroleum products of any kind n use a sunscreen. Exfoliation also play a vital role before any product will work

  177. Chia says on :

    There are two many tips mentioned above. M bit confused please tell wic works the best and fastest..

  178. Maryjane says on :

    :|Please what is rosewater?

  179. noni says on :

    just apply vaseline four times a day if your lips r chapped and apply vaseline b4 u go 2 bed it will bring the best results

  180. Shaista says on :

    I like this recipes. .
    Its very useful for me. .
    Thank u very much. ..

  181. PRIYA says on :

    Hi reshma
    read ur tips 2day..i hav black lips. i think it was rose by birth. nyhw im fair in complexion except my lips. iv tried many tips which found no result. im starting d new lip regime from 2day. let me c whether der is any result.plz do pray 4 me since im struggling wuth this lips…

  182. john says on :

    i have a chapped dry lip which make my lip look red and ugly. I apply lip gloss, moisturizer and many more but no results. Im not a drunkard but people brand me a drunkard when they see my lip. what can i do to this problem.

  183. roopini says on :

    I have dark lips I’m gonna try all the remedies n say what’s the result after 1 month wish me all the best my frds

  184. Shradha says on :



  185. ariel says on :

    ………………… ya ya attention please attention please …………………….. all try coco butter techinque i mean jemimas techinque ……i am not saying lies its true its trueits true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  186. Niki says on :

    hey plz help me i really need ur hlp…
    my upper lip is black n lower lip is half pink half black this is not by birth…. my skin tone is dusky niether fair nor dark…….
    i feel so embaressed whn sm1 says anything about my lips….. i have a good face but no lips so plz suggest smthng which works fast :'( :'( :'(

  187. Divya says on :

    Hi!! I have quite dark lips n thy r not frm birth. I’ve been applying beetroot like by peeling a slice n rubbing it ovr the lips instead of lipstick during the day and rubbing lemon gently n leaving it overnight for like 6-7 months now but no result. I feel pretty dissappointed. could you please suggest some other remedies n also the right way to use to get my lips lighten.

  188. Tejhasvi says on :

    Thx 4 ur help…:)!!!I was wondering if applying crushed beetroot would help!Would it?

  189. panchi paul choudhury says on :

    Which company olive oil shud I get?plz hlp me

  190. jehowin dany melchid says on :

    apply the paste of red soil & water twice a day will surly make your lips pink , beauty , hot !

  191. kakoli says on :

    Use butter before going to bed it makes our lips soft n also pink n lso drink lots of water.

  192. Roopitha says on :

    hii…my lip colour is dark..i hv tried beetroot,
    honey,lemon, glycerin, olive oil, ghee, and lip litebt i found 0
    effect..plzz tell me a fast way to get rid of
    these embarrishing black lips…….

  193. rajnish kumar raj says on :

    mera lip dark h plz sir find any solution..

  194. Fatima says on :

    Man I wish all those remedies actually worked. I have been trying them for like 4 months, trust me nothing worked for me. Actually malai, honey, sugar/oil scrub will just make your lips soft and supple. It will NOT remove the pigmentation. But now I have been using Apple Cider Vinegar on my lips for like a week or two.. I noticed difference within like 2-3 days..of couse just a slight difference. But it really is working now. Apple ACV 2x a day on alternate days. Do NOT use it everyday as you may mess with your lips pH and can cause them to turn darker.. Every other day is fine. The second thing you need is PATIENCE 🙂

  195. Fatima says on :


  196. fahakhan says on :

    i have dark lips and i wish that they become natural pink.what will i do? plz tell me.

  197. Annabelle says on :

    Shrada could you please tell me which tips of Reshma you followed? There are so many tips that I am confused. What is the exact routine we should follow to get pink lips? Thanks.

  198. urooj says on :

    i have a little bit dark lips please tell me how i get pinks lips in 2 days please help me

  199. Erika Kaye says on :

    Hey! Someone help me please *puppy eyes* I live here in the Philippines. I can’t find some of the things below here 🙁 please give me remedies that can be found here, thankie!

  200. Amrutha says on :

    hi guys,

    i’m ammu. thanks a lot for the useful information..
    dear friends,, don’t forget to drink plenty of water.Drinking water is very important to your health for losing fat and keeping your energy up. It helps moisturize lips, promote good sleep and great looking skin; therefore, it makes you more attractive. all the best.

  201. homeboy says on :

    I have scrubbed my lips till it turns blood color pls no more ideas hia b4 u guys injure sum1

  202. nakash says on :

    can any girl or anti give me her number i want to b in a relation ship my age is 16

  203. sindya says on :

    C frnds i hv very dark lips since an accident occured during ma childhood.i nvr used any tobacco or doesnt hv a habit of ma frnds are moaking at me by saying abut ma lips.plz give me some useful tips for gettngrid of tis condition.i’m totally confused by reading all of these above tips.and one more thing i used to apply honey every night before sleep since two months bt there no change to ma lip color.hope you wil rply me wit an effective tip

  204. raj priyan says on :

    Thanking each and everyone for your useful tips

  205. raj priyan says on :

    I got best results with olive oil
    I suggest olive oil
    Thanks to useful tips

  206. Farhaan Moosafeer says on :

    I am 12 years lod.I want a pink lip.

  207. battameez says on :

    Guys,, no matter if yu are black or yur lips are dark in colr,, dont get sad! Just apply tooth paste on yur lips every possible moment nd rub yur lips with tooth brush.. when yu feel burn on yur lips then stop the process. Yu will find the change i hope.

  208. jessica (baby girl) says on :

    hey plz help!!!!!! my top lip is dark and my bottom lip is a lil dark, kinda pinkish……. can u all plz lemmeh kno if dem home remedies really work……thanks a lot.. 🙂

  209. Kp says on :

    Hey guy i have a little red colour lip since i start smoking till 4 year and i want back my pink lips without leaving smoking….how i get it…idont know what i do..suggest me the best. . .

  210. jeet negi says on :

    I have dark lips i want to make them pinkish….plz advice

  211. jeet negi says on :

    I had pink lips but as i grow its became dark and my face colour is white but my lips dosent match with my face colour….please advie how can i make them pink and soft…

  212. Pooja thakur says on :

    Hi everybody,
    If u really worried about ur lips plz do take care of ur lips till death . one day is not enough for this . scrub ur lips once a week & apply moisture 3times per day. Because when ur lips get moisturise then it will never become dark , patcy &uneven tone. For example:- skip ur brush one day.. …..

  213. Hamna says on :

    Hi guys
    First solution of almost all problems of our face including black lips is our eating.
    Eat good look good. A proper healthy food would never let your lips fresh fruits and fresh raw vegetables they contain a lot of vitamins and minerals also drink a lot of water. Water will wash out toxins from your body and you will feel healthy and look beautiful.
    Plz try to change eating habits
    One thing you need apart from this is moisturizing your lip in a natural way u can use fresh cream it will make your lips soft bt there is difference between dry lips and dehydrated lips so you should also hydrate your body not only lips for that drink a lot of water as much as u can.

  214. diksha says on :

    my lips is very dark black
    i try that lemon , honey , mlai, rose water every thing bt it doesnot work

    plz help me what i do in my dark lips to remove
    i want pink lips

  215. Oyshi says on :

    Use ghee on lip ur lips will be pink

  216. Oyshi says on :

    It’s works to me very soon.hope it will also works to u guys

  217. Oyshi says on :

    Coconut oil also works very soon.Use coconut oil with tomato every day before going to bed.Ur lips will be turn into red.

  218. israt jahan habiba says on :

    Hi..I’m Habiba…I’m not saying my lips are dark…as they are I’m happy with them…but if u r not happy with ur lip then use my tips…at first u take some rose petals and mashed them with honey….then apply it in ur lip…after 30-60 minutes u can wash it…apply it 2 time in a day…you’ll really notice the change….I hope u’ll happy after using that…thanks.

  219. roopa verma says on :

    hi guyz i am also going to these tips wish me luck& hey reshma ur doing a wonderful job by giving tips

  220. aqu says on :

    im trying to get pink lips nd its works 🙂 use lemon peel with raw sugr nd do massage evry day u will feel bettr

  221. Abu shahma says on :

    how to pink lip. my lip very dark.

  222. Rahul says on :

    Guys pls help me. Its an urgent

  223. damil says on :

    Hey there.M really worried abt my blak lips.I av a program very soon pls I nid ur help u guyz.Watz d simplest nd easiest way to make my black lips pink.M not smoking I believe i was caused because of a change in the weather

  224. Suzierose says on :

    U can use lemon juice wash immediately 3mins den apply vaseline. Only at nyt

  225. Niya recoz says on :

    I have dark lip …please tell me the quick way to remove my dark lip

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