Simple Tips to Make Your Lips Look Fuller

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Many people are born with naturally full lips but some people are not that fortunate. Such people often look for ways to plump up their pouts as lips can make a huge difference in how you look. With the help of cosmetic procedures, you can easily give the desired shape and look to your lips. This kind of procedure needs lot of money. Well without the pain and permanence of cosmetic procedures also you can enjoy fuller lips.

Fuller lips  

There are some simple makeup tips that you can follow to create the illusion of fullness. Here are some of those simple tricks.

1. Use concealer.

First of all you need to lightly apply a good quality concealer to the whole lip area including the outside of the lip line. After applying the concealer you need to blend it well.

2. Highlight the shape of your lips

Next with the help of a white or flesh-colored lip pencil, highlight the area where your upper lip forms a ‘V’ shape. Make sure to blend gently with your fingertip to soften. This will give a sexy appeal to your lips.

3. Use a soft neutral brown lip liner

Now use a neutral brown shade lip liner to trace just outside the natural lip line all the way around your lips. The new lip line should be slightly larger than your natural lip shape. This little change in the shape will make a big difference to the overall appearance of your lips.

4. Use a glossy lipstick

For fuller lips you need to use the glossy version instead of the matte shades. When choosing a lipstick shade always remember that dark shades will make your lips appear smaller and hence you need to use a lighter or brighter lip colors in creamy or glossy formulations.

5. Create a shadow

Next, depending upon on your skin complexion, apply a small bit of either taupe or dark brown eye pencil just below the centre of your lower lip line and blend it well with a clean smudge brush. This will help to create a shadow which will help to highlight the new shape of your lips.

6. Apply a gloss

Finally you can finish your lip makeup by slightly applying a light pearly gloss onto the centre of your lips rather than on the entire lip. This is a kind of trick that helps to reflect light on your lips to create the illusion of fullness. Once you have fuller lips, the next thing to focus on is to make your lipstick stay for longer hours. For this you need to follow some simple tips such as:

  • Apply powder to your lips before applying your lipstick.
  • After applying one coat of color, blot with a tissue and then apply a second.
  • Use a lip liner pencil on the whole lip first, and then apply your lipstick over top.

To sum up, by following the above mentioned tips you can easily get fuller lips. With fuller lips you will feel confident to talk around with others.

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