Simple Ways to Apply Nail Polish Perfectly

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After doing a manicure, the next thing most women prefer to do is putting a nail polish on their bare nails. Nail polish beautifies your nails and makes them look pretty. Also the color of the nail polish can express your personality.When it comes to nail polish shades, there are end numbers of choices. You can go for classic red, happy yellow, bright orange, ocean blue, creative green, jet black or baby pink. You can even look for a nail polish that matches your outfit. Well, by looking at the various shades of nail polish it becomes impossible not to try a new shade. Well, getting the right shade of nail polish is not enough as you also need to apply it to your nails in a perfect way. But many of us do not know the art of painting the nails perfectly. If proper procedure or technique is not known, you will find the task of painting the nails quite difficult and time consuming.

Some useful tips on applying nail polish:

Apply nail polish

Use nail remover

Before applying nail polish, you must use a nail remover to get rid of any traces of your old nail paint. Applying a new coat of color over your old nail paint is not at all a good idea. It will look as if you have redone your nails.  Even if you do not have any old nail polish on your nails, then also swipe some nail polish remover over your nails. It will help in getting rid of any natural oils on your nails and will help the new color to last longer.

Apply a clear base coat

Next you need to apply a clear base coat on your nails before applying the actual nail polish color. A base coat will help in applying your colored nail polish in a smooth and even manner. Allow the base coat to dry properly before proceeding to the next step.

Open the bottle carefully

Rub the nail polish bottle in between your palms properly in order to warm the nail polish. It is recommended not to shake the bottle, as it can create air bubbles inside the bottle which will hamper its quality. While opening the nail polish bottle, you must scrape the excess product on the brush off on the inner side of the bottle.

Apply first coat

Now put the nail polish down on the middle of your nail from cuticle to tip and then color it thoroughly and evenly on both right and left side of the nail bed. Make sure color is evenly distributed throughout your nails. It is better to start with the smallest finger and then gradually moving towards the thumb. This way there will be less chances of errors. Also it is advisable to put your hands on a table or countertop for better control over the brush.

Apply second and third coat

Allow the first coat to dry properly and then proceed to give your nails a second coat. Usually second coat is enough but if you want you can apply third coat also. Third coat of nail polish is generally applied when the shade of the nail polish color is light. Always try to keep the last coat smooth and even as the top coat will be visible at the end.

Allow it to dry

Allow the nails to dry properly before touching anything. To allow your nail polish to dry fast, you can dip your nails after applying the nail polish in a bowl of cold water for about one to two minutes.

Apply a clear top coat

Once your nail polish is completely dry you should proceed to apply a protective clear top coat on all your nails. This will help in making your nail polish last longer and help the colored polish to settle down smoothly on your nails.

Nail art sticker

If you wish, you can put a nail art sticker on your nails. There are hundreds of nail art stickers to choose from. You can choose one depending upon the theme of a party, your preference or anything else.

Look for errors

Finally check for errors and clean them up with a nail polish remover dipped piece of cotton wrapped around the tip of an orange stick.

To conclude, if you wish to have textured and fashionable nails, you must follow the above mentioned tips.  When your nails look beautiful, you feel confident from inside.

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