Some Tips to Choose the Right Bronzer

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A bronzer is a kind of face makeup product that is used to give a natural and glowing feel to your face. It nicely adds a tan color to your skin without the need to get your skin exposed to sunrays to make it tanned. As bronzer can be easily washed off along with other makeup it is highly popular amongst people who wish to add some color to their skin.

Both men and women use bronzer to get that healthy summer glow without risking sunburn or long term risks of excessive tanning. But it can be really difficult to choose the right bronzer for the first time.


Small guide on how to choose the right bronzer:

Purpose behind using bronzer

First decide on why you need to use bronzer. A bronzer can be used for different purposes. You can use bronzer to enjoy an overall tanned appearance. Else you can also use it to highlight just some of your key facial features. You can apply it on the face, neck and body, or you can use it to simply replace the blush makeup on cheekbones. Once you have an idea on why you wish to use bronzer, it will become easier for you to choose the right bronzer for yourself.

Different forms of bronzers

In the market, you can find bronzers available in a wide variety of forms such as powder, cream, liquid, gel and spray. You need to choose a form depending upon your skin type. Those having oily skin should use the powdered form as it can improve the appearance of oily skin. On the other hand, a cream based bronzer works well for those having dry skin type as it can help to hydrate your dry skin. A gel bronzer works well for an overall tan. Also you need to make a choice between matte and shimmer bronzers. A matte bronzer will give a more natural look, while a shimmer bronzer will add extra glow and radiance to your skin.

Choose the right shade

Several color options are available as far as a bronzer is concerned. You must make a selection based on your skin tone. Hold the bronzer up to your face and look into the mirror. If the shade of the bronzer is two shades darker than her skin tone, then it is the right product for you to buy. Experts suggest that those having fair or light skin tone should use the lightest color available. For them bronzer in peach or honey tones will look good. Those having medium skin tones should use a golden or rose-toned bronzer to enjoy a healthy skin glow. On the other hand those having darker skin tones can easily add some shine to their skin with coppery or cinnamon-toned bronzer. In case of any doubt, you can always take help of experts present at makeup counters. They can help you to choose the right shade.

Application technique

Once you are done with picking the right bronzer for yourself, the next important thing to bear in mind is that you need to know the art of applying it correctly. Always wash your face, pat dry it with a towel and gently apply a small amount of moisturizer and then only use bronzer. Different types of bronzers need different application techniques. For instance to apply a powder based bronzer you must use a large brush. Liquid, gel and cream based bronzers can be easily applied with the help of a sponge or your fingers. Once you are done with applying bronzer, you can finally apply additional cosmetics like mascara, some eye shadow, some lipstick and lip gloss for shiny glossy lips.

You can also check this video to get some more ideas on how to choose the right bronzer and apply it. 

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To conclude, with the right type of bronzer you can easily get a gorgeous and sun-kissed look. Always take your time in selecting the right bronzer or else you will end up with buying the wrong product which can spoil your overall makeup and look.

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