The Perfect Ways to Take Care of Your Nails

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The texture, shape and length of the nails talk a lot about the health, basic hygiene and personal sense of style of a person. Nail care is an important part of personal grooming and this you simply cannot ignore its importance. Gorgeous and well maintained nails enhance confidence level. But still many of us often tend to neglect the importance of nail care.

Nail care

Taking care of your nails is not a very difficult task. You can keep your nails in top shape is by maintaining a simple and easy to follow nail care routine.

To keep the nails of your fingers and toes look at their best, here are some simple tips:

  • You must keep your nails clean. Take time to wash in and around your nails. Soak your fingers in warm soapy water and use a soft brush to clean them. This will prevent infections due to germs and dirt accumulations. Dead skin around the nails must be removed using a pumice stone. Regular manicure of your hands will help in getting rid of the dead skin accumulation around the nails. 
  • Always keep your fingernails dry. When your fingernails are wet it allows the formation of bacteria and fungi under your fingernails. Whenever you you’re your hands use a good quality cotton towel to pat dry your hands.
  • To stop exposing your hands and fingers to harsh chemicals, wear gloves when washing dishes, washing clothes, cleaning the house, washing your car, using harsh chemicals while working on your garden and so on.
  • It is important to regularly trim and file your nails with the help of sharp clippers. Never use any blunt tool to trim your nails as it can cause damage. You must trim your nails depending upon the growth rate of your nails.
  • The best way to cut your nails is to first trim the nails straight across and finish it up by giving a gentle round shape to the tips. Then use a nail filer to smoothen your nails. Wash your fingers and then wait for fifteen minutes before trimming and filing your nails.
  • Keep your finger well moisturized to avoid dryness. When using a hand lotion or moisturizer, you must apply it both on the nails as well as the cuticles. Olive oil is a great moisturizer for healthy nails and before going to bed you can use this oil to keep your nails well moisturized.
  • Take out time and massage your hands properly. A hand massage stimulates blood circulation and helps in the growth of nails making them healthy and strong. You must go for a hand massage with olive oil once in a week.
  • Offer protection to your weak nails by applying a coat of nail hardener on your nails. This way weak nails will become stronger and will not break easily when exposed to water.
  • Avoid exposing your nails in cold weather as it will dehydrate your nails and cuticles. It will make your nails prone to breaking, chapping and discoloration.
  • It is essential to allow your nails to breathe freely. This is why you must maintain a gap between nail polishes. When using nail paint you must first use a base coat on your nails and then proceed with the nail paint. This will help in maintaining the original color of your nails.
  • Eating a healthy and well balanced diet is essential for the overall development and growth of nails. For healthy nails calcium is very essential. It will help in avoiding discoloration and chipping of nails. Your body also needs adequate supply of vitamin A, phosphorous, zinc, folic acid, silica and vitamin C for maintaining the health of your nails.

There are also certain things that you must avoid for the beauty of your nails, such as:

  • To open soda cans there are soda openers and you must use them instead of your nails. You nails can break when used for opening soda cans or removing staples from a paper.
  • You need to manicure your nails to make them look beautiful and healthy and too much manicure can weaken your nails. Manicure once in ten to twelve days is good.
  • Never use a metal nail filer to give shape to your nails as it can cause damage to your nails.
  • Avoid biting your nails as it is regarded as an unhealthy habit. Nail biting can give an uneven and ugly shape to your nails. Always use a nail cutter to cut your nails.
  • Nail paints beautify your nails but you must avoid using dark color nail paints as it can cause chapping and fading of the natural color of your nails. For the benefits of your nails use clear and lighter color nail paints.
  • Never cut or file you nails when they are wet. This is because wet nails are delicate and can break easily.
  • To remove your nail paint never use a blade as it can leave small scratches on the nails. Using blades mean you will not have smooth and pleasant looking nails.
  • Do not pick at the cuticles as it can cause bacteria or fungal infection which is not good for the overall health of the nail bed.
  • Do not make the mistake of pulling off hangnails as it can cause damage to the surrounding skin area. With the help of a nail clipper carefully clip off hangnails.
  • Do not cut your nails very deeply as it will cause pain and you will find difficulty in doing your regular tasks. There are also high chances of infections and inflammations when the nails are cut deeply.

To conclude, follow the mentioned dos and don’ts to enjoy beautiful, clean, healthy and manicured nails. Always remember that your personal grooming is incomplete without nails and so you must not ignore to take care of your nails at any cost. Get ready to display your hands with extra confidence!

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