Tips for Buying and Using Lip Gloss

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Young girls mostly prefer to use a lip gloss to give an attractive shimmer and hint of color to their lips. Also girls look better in a lip gloss as compared to a lipstick. On top of that one can use a lip gloss on daily basis and can apply lipstick during special occasions only.

This beauty product is hugely popular amongst youngsters as it gives a natural look to their lips and it is very easy to apply also. But before applying a gloss, you need to buy the perfect shade and must have some knowledge regarding how to apply it.

As there are numerous brands of lip glosses with varying prices, you need to do your research properly before buying one. Be sure of the shade, texture and smoothness of the gloss and then only buy it.

Lip gloss

Lips gloss buying tips:

  • Lip glosses are available in different types like tube lip glosses, roll on lip glosses, pot types, oily lip glosses, cream lip glosses and so on. For applying lip gloss you can either use your finger or brush. You can also find glosses having moisturizing ingredients like glycerin, aloe-Vera and vitamin E. Also there are glosses having sun block elements so that your lips do not become darken. 
  • When shopping for a gloss, keep in mind the amount of glimmer and shine you want. Also the color of your lips will affect the shade of the gloss applied on it. The same lip gloss will look different on different types of people. Lip glosses are available in various shades like pinks, silver shimmer colors, light browns, light orange and so on. Always get a gloss that gels well with your skin tone or complexion.
  • Also you need to check your comfort level. If you are not comfortable with a particular shade or texture then the gloss will not look good on your lips. For instance, if you prefer to apply a pot gloss with the help of a brush then there is no point in buying a roll-on lip gloss.

Lip gloss applying tips:

  • Always apply some lip balms on your lips at least one hour before using a lip gloss. This will help in keeping your lips well moisturized and hydrated for a long time. Also the lip gloss will remain for a longer period.
  • Apply the first coat of lip gloss to both the lips and for the second cost apply it to the center of your lower lip only. This will give an attractive look to your lips.
  • After applying gloss, dust your lips gently with some amount of compact powder and then blot the lips with a tissue. This prevents melting and smudging of the gloss and allows it to last for longer period.
  • If your want to give more focus on your lips makeup, opt for a sheer gold or silver gloss and apply it directly over your lipstick.
  • Women having smaller lips must not go for dark lip gloss shades as it will make their lips look smaller than normal.
  • For those having fuller lips, must apply gloss in limited amount. Too much gloss looks bad on fuller lips.
  • For those having thin lips, must apply a plumping gloss to increase the volume of their lips.
  • For those who are looking for a natural look, must not wear lip gloss with lipstick. Just a single coat of lip gloss can give a natural and fresh look to your lips.
  • When applying a gloss to your lips you need to bear in mind that its shininess will not remain forever. You need to re-apply gloss after a few hours to maintain the natural look of your lips.

To conclude, get a lip gloss that goes well with your lip color and lip tone and apply it with patience to give your lips a natural look.

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