Tips To Choose the Right Lip Color

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When it comes to your lips make-up, you need to choose the right lip color. All your efforts of applying lipstick perfectly are of no use if the shade of your lipstick is mistaken. The right shade makes a lot of difference in the appearance and overall personality you want to present.

Lip colors

Often women find it really difficult to choose the right lipstick color that suits them. The right lip color will complement your looks, while a wrong shade can make you feel like a clown.

Tips to choose the right lip color:

  • Always choose a lip color that gets well with the natural shade of your lips and skin. For instance those having dark skin tone must choose a lip color in shades like plums, wines and deep reds. For those having light brown skin tone must opt for a lip color in pink or orange shades. For those having olive skin tone must go for a lip color in the brownish red, light brown and raisin colors shades.
  • Try to get two different shades of lip color – one dark and one light. Use the light lip color for day use and the darker one for evening and night.
  • For subtle look, choose matte and cream finished lip colors, while for a glamorous look you must use a lip color in high-gloss. For daily use a natural-looking lip color with a little shine is always the best option.
  • When buying a new lip color also check the shade in natural light to see how the color really looks with your skin tone.
  • When choosing a lip color bear in mind that the color of your hair and color of your eyes also matters a lot. For lighter hair shades the lip color should be brighter and vice versa.
  • The most flattering lip colors will be one or two shades darker than your natural lip color. To test different shades of lip color, keep one lip bare and apply lip color on one lip. If the color is one or two shade deeper than your natural lip color, it means you have chosen the right shade.
  • In case you do not get the lip color shade of your satisfaction, you can also create your own shade by combining colors. Just apply each lip color to your lips and then with the help of a lip brush blend it properly. This way you can come with a unique shade that will complement your appearance.
  • To highlight your lip color, always opt for a lip liner that is a shade darker than your lipstick and in the same color family. Also always use a lip liner after applying the lip color.

So, next time when your shopping for the right lip color, keep these above mentioned tips in mind and soon you find the right shade of lip color that can make your lips extra beautiful.

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