Tips To Fix Cracked Cuticles

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Cuticles are tissues that cover some part of your nails and protect the nails from infection. To enjoy pretty nails, it is very essential to keep the cuticles in proper shape and form. Regular manicure and pedicure is the best way to maintain healthy cuticles. But as most of the people avoid manicure and pedicure, the cuticles become cracked and unsightly. Cracked cuticles make your nails look ugly.

The main reasons behind cracked cuticles are lack of moisture and excessively dry skin. At the same time excessive usage of harsh cleansers, too much washing of hand, cold temperature, unhealthy diet and even certain type of medications can also cause cracked cuticles. If you have cracked cuticles, you need to devote some time to take care of them. In fact, you can fix cracked cuticles in a few easy steps.


Here is how you can deal with cracked cuticles:

Use cuticle moisturizer

To deal with cracked cuticles you need to use lots of moisturizer. There are different types of cuticle moisturizers available in the markets which can be used for treating and taking care of damaged nails. Depending upon your preference you can buy cuticle moisturizers in wax, cream and oil based forms. Apply this moisturizer on the damaged cuticles several times in a day. Within a couple of days, the cracked cuticles will get healed.

Vitamin E Oil

Vitamin E oil is a powerful antioxidant that can be used to repair cracked cuticles. At the same time natural moisturizing element present in Vitamin E oil take care of the dryness which is one of the main reasons behind cracked cuticles. Take a small amount of vitamin E oil and massage it over the cracked cuticles and fingertips daily. This will smoothen up the cracks and rehydrate the cuticles, thus keeping them well moisturized. Soon the cuticles will look healthy.

Use cotton gloves

You can also take help of cotton gloves for fixing cracked cuticles. When you wear cotton gloves at night, your hands get benefitted from a moist environment and the hands will not become dry. First wash your hand properly and then apply a good quality hand cream all over your hands and finally put on a pair of cotton gloves. Repeat the process daily and soon the cracked cuticles will be healed. 

Shea Butter

Another great product that can be used to fix cracked and damaged cuticles is shea butter. Shea butter has good amount of moisturizing properties which can easily fix the cracked cuticles. At the same time it will give protection to your hands and cuticles from harsh weather. You can easily find shea butter cream in the market that you can use to smooth out your cuticles and repair the damaged ones. When you use shea butter regularly, you never have to worry about cracked cuticles anymore.

Healthy diet plan

For healthy nails, it is important to follow a proper and healthy diet. To prevent the cuticles from damage, eat a proper diet that contains adequate amount of Vitamins, along with zinc and calcium. At the same time avoid food items that are high on alcohol, sugar and saturated fats. Along with food, you need to drink eight to ten glasses of water daily to keep your body well hydrated.

Neem nail balm

The anti-fungal as well as antibacterial properties present in Neem can also be highly beneficial to deal with cracked cuticles. As Neem is also high in Vitamin E, it will keep the cracked damaged cuticles well moisturized. Get a Neem nail balm to treat damaged cuticles. First clean your hands, nails and cuticles thoroughly and then massage them with little amount of Neem nail balm. While the cuticles are still moistened, make use of a cuticle pusher to push them back.

Proper maintenance

Once the cracked cuticles are healed, you need to maintain them to avoid further damage. Never chew, trim or try to push the cuticles back, as it can hamper proper nail growth. Use cuticle trimmers to remove excess skin from on top of your nail, and use your finger to push the cuticle as far down the base of your nail as you can. When tending to the cuticles, avoid using metal instruments as well as harsh chemicals. Also do not forget to keep the cuticles well moisturized. Regular maintenance will keep the cuticles healthy.

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To conclude, by following the above mentioned nail care tips you can easily get rid of damaged cuticles and protect the nail beds from different types of fungal and bacterial infections. Once the cracked cuticles are healed your nails will look healthy and beautiful.

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    My cuticle is ripped and I don’t have any gloves, I need to fix my cuticle in the next 24 hours, please help me !

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