Tips To Tame Your Unruly Eyebrows

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Very few of us are blessed with perfectly shaped eyebrows that need little maintenance. Unruly eyebrows can be annoying and frustrating as they can spoil your beauty.  

Often taming your brows take time which can spoil your mood. But, if you want to accentuate your eyes with makeup, the first thing you need to do is keep your eye brows in shape.


Irrespective of the type and texture of hair of brows, they need to be tamed properly to give a dramatic look to your overall makeup. Well, keeping your brows in shape doesn’t have to be painful or a lengthy problems.

Here are some tips to create perfect eyebrows:

  • Before your eyebrows get out of control, trim them. First, brushing them properly and then with the help of a trimmer and tweezers shape your brows slowly. Make sure you maintain your natural brow arch and keep your inner brow at least as thick as the width of half your iris. You can trim the brows yourself or get it done by some expert.
  • You can even wax and gel your brows to give them the perfect shape. Apply a strong wax product to your brows. This will help straighten the curl, and lock the perfect eyebrow shape in. After the amount of wax that you are comfortable with is applied, use a brow gel and apply that on top. This trick will help your eye brows to stay in place longer and stronger.
  • A soft band aid can also be used to tame your brows. Take a band aid and place it carefully onto your eyebrows and leave it overnight. Next morning remove the band aid. Do this repeatedly and soon the hair will remain intact in the right direction. This is one of the useful tips that will help you in shaping your brows on a long term.
  • Unruly hairs, including the hair of your brows can be tamed with hairspray. Take hairspray and with the help of a toothbrush spray a little of it on the brows and comb it gently. The sticky nature of hairspray will help the hair stay in place. So, if your brows are all over the place just use your spare toothbrush and hairspray. 
  • Another option is to buy a brow shaping and defining kit. Most of these kits come well equipped with all the necessary products as well as detailed instructions to help keep your unruly brows in place. 
  • Before opting for any kind of eye makeup, you need to comb the brows using an eyebrow brush or a stiff toothbrush. You can even use a small amount of brow gel to keep them in place.

By following any of the above mentioned tips, you can surely achieve a nicely sculpted and tamed brow that will help to take on the day with extra confidence!

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