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Nowadays, most of the females are fascinated with different colored eyeliners like purple, green, gold, white and blue. Colored eyeliner is a nice way to spice up your usual makeup routine. Also it gives you a nice break from the normal brown and black shade eyeliners. The best thing about the colored eyeliner is that it may work out pretty good even without any eye shadows, as it itself makes your eyes pop. You can use them both in daily makeup and for special occasions.

 Cosmetic color pencil

When it comes to colored eye liner it is essential to choose the right color. The choice of the colored eyeliner depends on the color of your eyes and the tone of your skin.  For instance:

  • Those having brown eyes should use a purple eye liner as this color will suit your eye color surely. They may also use green, gold and copper.
  • Those having blue eyes should use green, orange or even bronze eyeliners. They can also use another tone of the same blue color in order to make their eyes look bigger.
  • Those having green eyes should use green eyeliner and opt for noticeable eye makeup. They can also opt for brown and copper eyeliner.
  • Those having hazel eyes should a light tone of the brown eyeliner. They can also opt for different shades of green eyeliner as well.

Some more tips:

The colored eyeliners have come to break the traditional stereotyped use of black and brown eyeliners. It makes your eye makeup so full that you even don’t need to apply any other kind of makeup. But for the right look there are certain rules you need to follow, such as:

  • For a very attractive look, use a neutral shade of eyeliner (such as black or brown) on top and a splash of other color eyeliner on the bottom.
  • Also with colored eyeliner it is important to neutralize it with brown, bronze and gold shades of eye shadow.
  • Also if you need to apply eye shadow you must use a contrasting one in order to make the makeup really dramatic. Also apply the eye shadow before using the eyeliner as it will help both the eye shadow and eye liner to last longer.
  • Furthermore, for even stunning and very trendy look you may also apply totally different colored mascara. But if you just want to make impression with eyeliners you may choose two of them and apply both on the upper and lower eyelids.
  • Also you need to apply straight eyeliner without smudging it up all over the place.
  • When using a colored eye liner, try to keep the rest of your look really simple. Colored eye makeup looks best when it’s just paired with natural makeup and a simple hairstyle.
  • Also use mascara in dark colors as mascara and eyeliner looks best in dark colors.

Just follow the tips of how to wear colored eyeliner and your look will always rock!!!

What NOT to do when applying colored eyeliner:

  • Never use colored shadow with colored eyeliner.
  • Never think that any color will work. It is better to stay away from red, orange and yellow eyeliner. Also stick to blues, greens and purples to enhance the eye color.
  • Never neglect the bottom lids. To perfect the look, apply the eyeliner all the way around the eye to really make it pop.
  • Never forget the lips! Apply lipstick, but make sure it’s not too bright! Choose an understated color instead.

Which type of colored eye liner is best?

There are many colored eyeliners available in the market that latest formulas that are easier to apply, smoother going on, and more pigmented. However it is recommended to use pencil liners as it will give you the most control. On the other hand liquid eyeliner will give you the thickest, most dramatic line. If you have an unsteady hand then try the pen versions as they dry faster but are less saturated. Gels produce an even line and glide on more smoothly than liquids, and tend to last longer than creams.

To conclude, when it comes to colored eyeliner there are various ways you can use it. Keep playing around with different shades of eyeliner to find out what works for you!

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