Useful Tips on Applying Mascara

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Every woman who wishes to make their eyes look beautiful applies mascara. This beauty product is used to define the eyelashes by thickening, lengthening or darkening them. No matter what type of eyes you have, mascara can surely add to its beauty. In fact, your eye makeup will not be regarded as complete without mascara.

Mascara aplication

So, to show the beauty of your eyes get a bottle of mascara as soon as possible. But before you start applying mascara you need to bear in mind that you need to choose the right type of mascara and you must know the art of applying it.

What type of mascara to buy?

Depending upon your eye shape and what type of look you want to give to your eyelashes you must choose mascara. For instance, for those having short eyelashes must go for lengthening mascara, while those having thin eyelashes must buy thickening mascara so that eyelashes can get some volume and last throughout the day without smudging. Always apply waterproof mascara on a rainy day or when you are attending a function where there is a chance of having tears in your eyes.

Some tips on how to apply mascara

  • When it comes to applying the mascara, you must do it after you are done with your other eye make-ups like eye shadow and eyeliner.
  • As applying mascara can be very tricky, you must pull all your hair back. This way you will not get distract and also there will be less chances of smudges.
  • Use a well lighted room and hand mirror to apply mascara. This is important as you can see your eyelashes properly – from the root to the tips and it will help in having control over the mascara brush. 
  • Shake the mascara bottle properly before opening it and scrape the excess product off the brush before applying it to the eye lashes. This way there will be no clumps on the eye lashes.
  • When applying mascara you must start with the upper eyelashes. With a steady hand, apply mascara on the upper eye lashes in one single stroke. If you want to give some curl, the direction of the brush should be upwards and outwards.
  • Once you are done with the upper lashes you can proceed to apply it on the bottom eye lashes. However, it is better to apply mascara only to the top lashes.
  • To avoid getting mascara on the eye lids or cheeks, put a business card behind the upper lashes or under the lower lashes before applying it.
  • For second coat of mascara, you must first allow the first coat to dry completely or it will start flaking off.
  • Once you have applied mascara on your eye lashes, you must comb your lashes so that they are all separated. Use a lash comb to do it.
  • In case of any mascara smudges you can easily remove it with the help of a cotton bud dipped in baby oil.
  • Also it is essential to remove mascara at the end of the day or else it can cause bacterial infection. You can use your face cleansing wipes to remove as much mascara as possible.

To conclude, mascara can make your eyes look well defined and beautiful.  Always choose the right shade and type of mascara to give your eyes the much desired look.

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