Useful Tips on How to Apply Foundation

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For a perfect, flawless finish, foundation is applied on the face before applying any other makeup. When applied properly, foundation enhances the complexion of your face and gives a radiant glow to your look. It also hides the imperfections of your face to help you look more attractive and beautiful.

When choosing a foundation, take into consideration your skin type, the amount of coverage you require and the kind of finish you are after. In the market you can find cream, powder or liquid based foundation. For instance those having dry skin must use a silk cream foundation, while for oily skin a powder foundation is a suitable choice. Also it is advisable to buy a foundation that contains a sun protection factor of at least 15 for daily use.

Apply foundation

For the foundation to look better to need to choose one that complements your skin tone. A wrong shade of foundation will result in uneven and dirty looking face tone. Finding the perfect foundation shade is not a big deal. Just go for a shade which matches closely to your skin color. When the right shade of foundation is applied your face will have a beautiful glow making you look younger than your age. Also your other facial make-ups will look better. A tinted moisturizer based foundation is a better choice for those having normal to dry skin. A liquid foundation is best for all skin types.

The basic rule of applying a foundation is that it should look smooth and even without any extra shine or gloss.

Here is a step by step process of how you should apply foundation:

  • To apply foundation, first clean your hands properly and your face must also be clean.
  • Now apply a moisturizing sunscreen, moisturizer or primer on your skin properly some half an hour before applying foundation. It is important for your skin to be well hydrated so that when you apply the foundation it looks smooth.
  • Blot excess moisturizer with the help of a tissue paper and then apply dots of foundation on your cheeks, chin, forehead and tip of the nose and then blend the dots properly. Make sure there is no foundation line near the hairline and your jaw. 
  • Keep your mouth open when applying foundation in order to expose the neck area properly. This will also help in eliminating any line present at the jaw line.
  • Once done, pat your face with a wash cloth dipped in astringent. You can even blot the skin with a tissue to remove any excess product or surface oil. This will give your skin a nice finish by removing the matte look of your makeup and lend a soft touch to your makeup. 
  • Finally double check to make the foundation looks as even as possible. It is advisable to check your face under a natural light source.

Some more tips:

  • If the foundation starts to curdle, do not use it anymore.
  • Do not use the same foundation shade for both summer and winter days. During different climatic conditions, your skin needs different care and the rule is applicable for your foundation also.
  • If you want your foundation to look sheer, you must blend it with a sponge. But for more coverage you must apply the foundation with the help of your fingertips. You can also use a makeup brush for applying foundation as will help in blending the foundation beautifully on your skin.
  • There is no need to apply foundation over the entire face, just apply it over the spots that are uneven and need some coverage.

Lastly, as foundation is one of those beauty products that you can wear every day, you need to invest in some quality product. A foundation from a good brand will keep your skin healthy and glowing too.

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