Useful Tips on How to Prevent Blackheads

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Blackheads also known as open come-do are a kind of black mark on one’s beauty. Blackheads are a very common skin problem faced by most of us. Blackheads look like a black small lump embedded on the skin. It is nothing but accumulation of oil and dead skin cells in the open pores. Blackheads can appear in different parts of the body such as nose, chest, back, forehead and neck.


The main cause behind the occurrence of blackheads is the absence of a regular skin cleansing system. Apart from poor skin care routine, other reasons can be hormones, use of wrong makeup products and toxins. Those having oily skin are more prone to suffer from blackheads as compared to those having dry, normal or combination skin type. To get rid of blackheads pressure needs to be applied to the skin to force the blackhead out. This is a painful process and if not done in a proper manner can cause permanent damage to the skin.

In case you have ever suffered from blackheads, you may know it for sure what a pain they are. No matter what you do, blackheads have the tendency to re-appear again. So, it is better to take precautions in order to prevent blackheads altogether.

Here are few tips to prevent blackheads:

  • Take care of your skin and make sure it is thoroughly clean. Try to wash your skin properly at least two times a day. It is better to use an anti-bacterial facial cleanser to keep your skin clean from oil, germs and makeup particles and dust.
  • Use a mild scrubber to scrub the infected skin two to three times in a week. Here you can work very gently and patiently to remove the dead skin cells from the skin surface. Do not handle your skin roughly.
  • Buy a good quality herbal deep cleaning face mask. For better result use a mask having ingredients like citric acids or mud. Such types of face mask will take care of the excessive oil which is the reason behind blackheads. You must use the face mask once or twice in a week but not more than that.
  • Healthy diet also plays a key role in reducing the occurrence of blackheads. Include fresh fruits and green vegetables in your diet and stop taking too much fried and oily food. A good diet plan will help in reducing sebum production, increasing the moisture level in the skin and production of new skin cells.
  • Choose your makeup products carefully, especially the foundation and concealer. Buy products which are oil free. This will help in keeping the pores open. If your face has the tendency to sweat a lot, then you must keep away from applying makeup. Always remove your make up at the end of the day with a cleanser.
  • You can also take steam in order to remove the black heads. Steaming can deeply and thoroughly clean the pores which will help a lot in keeping blackheads away. Take steam on the infected area for fifteen minutes and then scrub the area gently.
  • You can buy some blackheads removing strips from the market. These strips are very easy to use and without any pain or discomfort you can remove blackheads from your skin.
  • Always apply some good quality astringent on your face. Astringent help in reducing the oil level from the skin. Along with astringent you can also use a good toner to reduce the size of open pores. Toner will also tighten the pores and the skin.
  • You must also eat less oily food and drink lots of fluids. When you drink fluids, your skin will remain well moisturized and the toxins from the body will flush away. This will result in smooth skin with no blackheads.
  • Try to use clean bed sheet, pillow case and towel. Wash them regularly as when your face come in contact with you bed sheet, pillow case and towel it can accumulate dirt, oil and germs which can cause more blackheads.
  • Oily hair can also lead to more blackheads. So it is important to wash your hair often to keep it oil free. In case you do not have the time to wash your oily hair, then try to pull your hair back and tie it in a ponytail so that your hair remains away from your face.

Important points:

  • Never make the mistake of squeezing the blackheads as it is not a hygienic way to get rid of them. Also squeezing can cause a scar on the skin or some kind of skin infection.
  • Don’t scrub your face roughly as it will irritate your skin and aggravate the blackheads.
  • Stop using oil-based products on the skin where you have blackheads. Water based products are good for those suffering from blackheads.
  • Never go to bed without removing your makeup or washing your face properly. Dirt, dust and oil particles are not good for your skin.
  • Avoid touching your face too often with dirty hands. Also as hands have more oil as compared to our face, you will only increase the oil level on your face. Also touching your skin too often can cause infection.

In case no matter what precautions you are following, the blackheads are still there you must take some professional help. You can go to a salon and ask the beauty expert there to remove the blackheads. Also if the black heads are deep set in the skin you need to consult a doctor or a skin specialist.

Final words:

Instead of getting rid of blackheads it is better to prevent blackheads. Keep the above mentioned points in mind, and you will never have to worry about future blackhead breakouts.

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