Valuable Tips to Choose the Correct Concealer

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A concealer is a kind of make products that females use to cover up the unwanted blemishes, small flaws around their face or dark circles under the eyes. When chosen and used correctly, a concealer can beautifully hide all your skin irregularities. But if a wrong concealer shade is used or it is not applied in a proper manner, then no matter what you do your makeup will look ugly.


It is true that selecting the right shade of concealer can be a daunting process but it is not an impossible task.

To help you choose the correct concealer, here are some tips:

Right shade:

It is very essential to choose the right shade of concealer. Just like foundation, concealer is also available in a wide variety of shades. A concealer can be considered good if it matches your skin tone. Also it is a better idea to choose a concealer that is slightly lighter than your foundation shade. Also avoid buying a concealer in white or pink shades. Concealer in yellow shades is the best option to cover up dark circles under the eyes. Those having black skin must look for orange-based tones. For winter days, you will need a lighter concealer shade as compared to one you use in summer days.

Check this video to know more about it.

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Correct consistency:

Once you have selected the right color for the concealer, the next task is to check its consistency and thickness. The best way to test the consistency of a concealer is by dabbing some of the concealer on the blue veins on the inside of your wrist. When it comes to concealer it is recommended by experts to avoid products that feel greasy or dry. Instead look for a concealer that has got a creamy feel so that it blends nicely with your foundation.

Use a tester:

When it comes to buying a concealer it is better to use the testers first. This will help you to decide as which one suits you the best. In fact, you can also take help from specialists regarding which shade to buy. When testing a concealer, make sure there is enough light in the room. Also it is a great idea to try some out one a small part of your face.

Choose the form:

A concealer comes in different forms such as stick, cream, or liquid. Choose a form that you are comfortable with. No matter which form of concealer you prefer, try to get one that is water resistant and one that has mineral pigment color as compared to those made with dye based color. When you are searching for the best concealer, keep in mind that a stick concealer is known to last longer over time and throughout the day than other types of concealer. Also a creamier concealer is the best option for using in the delicate under-eye area, while a drier formula is better suited to other facial skin.

Apply it properly:

You must apply concealer before applying your foundation. When applying concealer, do not stretch or pull on the skin, instead apply it with gentle hands. Always dust the concealer with a sheer, translucent powder to allow it to set and blend properly it into your complexion. There are five different ways to apply a concealer. You can know about the five methods here in this video:

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To conclude, with the above mentioned simple tips and tricks of choosing and applying concealer, you can always look best in your make up.

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  1. Pam says on :

    What is the name of the powder once alter in this video. Sully use cream but not old results

  2. Pam says on :

    Name of powdered concealer. Creams make me look like a raccoon

  3. kiruthiga says on :

    please help me my lips are very black color try to help pink color lips

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