Which makeup applicator to choose?

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Buying the right make up is just half the work done. You need to choose and use the right tools to apply the makeup. When quality makeup products are combined with right makeup applicators, the end result is beautiful and flawless makeup. In fact, a right makeup applicator can make a huge difference in how easily your makeup goes on and how beautiful you look.Basically make-up applicators are categorized into three parts – sponge, puff and brush. There are many different types of sponges, puffs and brushes in the market ranging from disposable applicators to expensive washable applicators.

Makeup applicator


Sponge applicators are used for applying face makeup as well as eye makeup. This kind of applicators are perfect for applying liquid or cream based make up formulas. This type of makeup includes foundation, concealer, and cream blush.  For instance, for applying foundation, a sponge is a great tool as compared to a brush as it will help the foundation to blend properly. In fact, any liquid makeup can be applied with a sponge as it offers better control. Simply dip a sponge into your liquid makeup and apply it all over your face by blending it properly. Try to wash the sponge after every use in a little baby shampoo to keep it free from bacteria.


Puffs are great for applying powder in a perfect manner. You can find puffs made of very fine down feathers, cotton, fine fleece, and synthetic materials. As puffs are soft and fluffy designed in the shape of balls or pads, they are used to apply loose powder, face powder, body shimmer or talcum powder. For instance, to apply powder open up the bottle of loose powder, dab a little bit with the puff and blow the extra powder by tapping it in a towel and then with a rolling motion press the powder on to the skin. You can also use puff to set concealer and hide blemishes and scars. In the market you can even find small disposable puffs that are great tools for those who travel a lot.


You can find different kinds of brushes in the market designed for different types of makeup products. Brushes are used for applying face makeup as well as eye makeup. For instance you can use a brush to apply powder blush and eye shadow. For eye makeup, you can find brushes in sizes like small, medium and large and are round, square or tapered. Medium sized brushes are perfect for applying face makeup such as blusher. It is great idea to invest in a complete makeup brush set where you can find specific brushes for blush, eye-shadow, and lipstick and so on. You must regularly clean your makeup brushes with a solution of soap and hot water and rinse it properly.

To conclude, to apply makeup correctly, you must use the right applicators only in order to get the desired look. So, always spend money and buy good quality makeup applicators that are well made and last for a longer period of time.

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